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Top Gun fans were thrilled earlier this year when Top Gun Maverick soared at the box office and marked the return of the high-octane series. Tom Cruise led the film’s production by flying real airplanes and training his cast and crew to do the same.

But he didn’t get everything he wanted.

In fact, Cruise wanted top sports star Lewis Hamilton to take the place of one of his new recruits.

It was revealed that Cruise originally asked Sir Lewis Hamilton to join Top Gun Maverick.

Hamilton has won seven World Drivers’ Championship titles and holds records for the most wins, pole positions and podiums, to name a few.

He and Cruise became friends on the set of Edge of Tomorrow. But long before he met the star, Hamilton saw the original 1986 Top Gun as a child and “set his sights” on becoming a fighter pilot.

“So when I heard the second one was coming out,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I have to ask him.'”

Hamilton approached Cruise – who was his close friend at the time – and asked him for a role in the film. Any role he could spare.

“I don’t care what role it is,” Hamilton told Cruise. “I’ll even sweep something, be a back cleaner.”

Cruise agreed, but he decided to give the F1 award winner an even better role: he wanted him to be a fighter pilot.

In the film, the fighter pilot team starred in Top Gun Maverick. And the crack team was led by Miles Teller, who played Rooster – Goose’s son.

Unfortunately, Hamilton’s day job got in the way.

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Shortly after Top Gun Maverick’s release, Teller opened up about his future on the show.

On a Top Gun 3, he confessed: “It would be great, but it depends on TC [Tom Cruise]. It’s all up to Tom.”

Despite this vague idea, he added: “I’ve had a few conversations with him about it. We’ll see.”

The Whiplash star added that he thinks there’s a good chance because of how well the film has received.

Teller pointed out that Top Gun Maverick was Cruise’s first-ever $1 billion movie.

On this, he said, “That’s certainly what my team said for these future negotiations.” (By ET)

He later added, “For him to share Top Gun with me, and a lot of these other young actors. It’s been such a crazy ride, and it’s still going.”

Top Gun Maverick is currently in theaters.


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