This Dirty Black Bag Clip Pits Dominic Cooper Against Notorious Bounty Hunter (Exclusive)

Dominic Cooper finds himself in a tense stalemate in the postmodern spaghetti western That Dirty Black Bag, the latest AMC+ original series.

After starring as Jesse Custer in the television adaptation of Preacherfan-favorite actor Dominic Cooper is back in the saddle for a decidedly less supernatural western with the new miniseries That dirty black bag.

The eight-episode miniseries is created by Mauro Aragoni and – in true Spaghetti Western tradition – filmed across Europe and North Africa instead of the American Southwest. In an exclusive clip from the AMC+ original series, Sheriff Arthur McCoy and his deputies have a tense confrontation with bounty hunter Red Bill in a remote cabin in the middle of the prairie. As the two men eye each other warily, ready to shoot at any moment, the cool head prevails and McCoy lets Bill walk away without further bloodshed.

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Portrayed by Douglas Booth, Bill gained notoriety in the Old West for his propensity to carry the heads of his dead primes around with him in a bag, believing them to be easier to carry than an entire corpse. This gruesome strategy soon leads him into a confrontation with McCoy, as gunslingers and bandits vie for control of the lawless Wild West. Joining Cooper and Booth is Aidan Gillen (game of thrones) as a madman and cannibalistic preacher named Butler who plans to put Red Bill on his unholy menu just as old rivalries and deadly feuds are about to consume the frontier town.

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Filmed in Italy, Spain and Morocco, That dirty black bag serves as creator Mauro Aragoni’s love letter to the spaghetti western genre popularized by filmmakers Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci in the 1960s while maintaining postmodern sensibilities. Set in the southwestern town of Greenvale, McCoy defends a town that hasn’t seen substantial rainfall in years, and whose gold rush aspirations are also drying up. In addition to the standard western fare, This black bag has plenty of unique twists, including steampunk influences and an acerbic wit that balances the story’s more violent and darker elements.

Created by Mauro Aragoni, That dirty black bag is available to stream on AMC+, with new episodes released on Thursdays.

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