Third in medal tally with four gold medals

Spain close in Munich one of his Best historic result at the European Athletics ChampionshipsSon ten medalslike four years ago Berlin but with four precious goldwhich eliminates the national team Third in the medal standings, just behind UK and Germany,

target set by Real Spanish Athletics Federation Ten medals from 2018 and 26 runners-up positions had to be overcome before landing in Germany. “The results are very positive”They say Jose PirozNational trainer. In the end, 27 last places were reached, a little more than four summers ago (26), but Gold doubled (4)Received only more gold (6) in the year 2002Among Europeans also took place in the Bavarian city twenty years ago.

Spain finished third in the medal standings 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze countries like Netherlands, Italy or FranceA very relevant result which confirms good feelings Eugene World Cup Held last July. Additionally, Spanish athletes with honey on their lips have been dropped on multiple quarterbacks on multiple occasions. this was the case Sara Gallego or Eusebio Caceres,

Marathons and walks were the topics that most appealed to the Spanish delegation. like him female team In the form of virile Mounted on the marathon podium. The women won the silver medal with a team consisting of Marta Gallimani, Elena Loyo, Laura Mendez and Irene PelayoMeanwhile, the boys won the bronze medal with a quintet consisting of Ayad Lamdasem, Dani Mateo, Abdelaziz Merzogui, Yago Rojo and Jorge BlancOh!

Spain was again the hero of the race with four medals: two gold Miguel Angel Lopez 35 kilometers and . In alvaro martin 20km away; silver Raquel Gonzalez Bronze at 35 km Diego G. Carrera Decorated the success of the delegation to Munich 20 km. Spanish athletics are back in Europe, hopefully to stay.

Spanish medals at the European Athletics Championships in Munich 2022:

Sleep: Mariano García (800 m), Asier Martínez (110 m fence), lvaro Martín (20 km walk) and Miguel ngel López (35 km walk).

Wide: Mo Katir (5,000m), Raquel Gonzalez (35km walk) and the women’s marathon team.

A bronze: Mario García Romo (1,500 m), Diego García Carrera (20 km walk) and the men’s marathon team.

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