There are 14 other countries that pay a higher minimum wage in the world compared to the United States



The minimum wage continues to be a controversial topic in the United States, and there are actually several countries with higher minimum wages than the United States.

States reserve the right to set their minimum wage above the federal requirement, but there are still states that have maintained the same minimum wage since 2009, despite the rising cost of living.

The federal minimum wage is $ 7.25, but most Americans ask for at least $ 15, and it’s even low for some jobs that more and more people are leaving.

America doesn’t have the lowest minimum wage in the world, but it doesn’t even make the top ten list.

There are 14 other countries with higher salaries, and their dollar amount has been converted to equal US dollars by Go Bank Rates in comparison.

United States

In the United States, the federal minimum hourly wage is $ 7.25, for an average annual income of $ 15,080.

While not everyone earns it, it is the highest amount LEGALLY required to be paid to someone who works in America. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee still have this minimum wage, and Wyoming and Georgia have even lower minimum wages.

South Korea

South Korea’s minimum wage is equivalent to $ 7.27 with an equivalent annual income of $ 18,253.11.

South Korea has negotiated its minimum wage and struck an $ 8 an hour deal for 2022.


The minimum wage in Spain is equivalent to $ 7.28 with an equivalent annual income of $ 15,191.21.

Spain was one of the most financially friendly countries for its citizens during the pandemic.

The country is also concerned about closing the wealth gap and hopes to raise the monthly minimum wage by around $ 295.


Israel’s minimum wage is equivalent to $ 8.27 with an equivalent annual income of $ 18,475.45.

It was reported that in 2015, 700,000 workers were paid less than the minimum wage. The population of Israel is 10 million people.


The minimum wage in Japan is equivalent to $ 8.43 with an equivalent annual income of $ 17,551.74.

This summer, Japan voted to raise the minimum wage to $ 8.50, the biggest increase since 2002. In Tokyo, it would be $ 9.50 an hour and in rural Japan, $ 7. 50 dollars an hour.


The minimum wage in Canada is equivalent to $ 10.18 with an equivalent annual income of $ 21,185.35.

Canada is the first country to go over $ 10 an hour, and on December 29, residents will earn $ 15 an hour.


The minimum wage in Germany is equivalent to $ 10.67 with an equivalent annual income of $ 21,713.61.

Germany has been kind to its citizens and has raised the minimum wage at least every two years. Germany is pushing to raise its minimum wage to over $ 14.


The minimum wage in Belgium is equivalent to $ 10.68 with an equivalent annual income of $ 22,100.30.

Although a federal minimum wage is used across the country, the industries people work for also set their own minimum wages. If the industry does not have a fixed salary, then the federal one is used.

The Netherlands

The minimum wage in the Netherlands is equivalent to $ 10.95 with an equivalent annual income of $ 24,673.73.

The Netherlands cares more about what people earn per month than per hour, and workers work 36, 38 or 48 hours a week.

A committee meets twice a year to discuss labor laws, but most salaries depend on the company.


The UK minimum wage is equivalent to $ 11.01 with an equivalent annual income of $ 22,912.82.

The UK has a minimum wage and a living wage, and people have to meet certain criteria.

For minimum wage you must be ‘school leaving age’ and for living wage you must be 23 or older.


The minimum wage in Ireland is equivalent to $ 11.51 with an equivalent annual income of $ 23,947.75.

Ireland also bases the minimum wage on age and it increases every year from under 18 to 19.


The minimum wage in France is equivalent to $ 11.59 with an equivalent annual income of $ 21,099.84.

The minimum wage also applies to all adults, but some may earn more depending on whether they are in a union that demands higher wages from employers.

New Zealand

The minimum wage in New Zealand is equivalent to $ 12.06 with an equivalent annual income of $ 25,088.55.

There is no minimum wage for people under 16 in New Zealand, but once they come of age, they must be paid the required minimum wage.


The Australian minimum wage is equivalent to $ 13.53 with an equivalent annual income of $ 26,743.10.

Australia has the second highest minimum wage in the world, and it’s reviewed by an independent commission.


The Luxembourg minimum wage is equivalent to $ 13.79 with an equivalent annual income of $ 29,358.88.

The highest paid country in the world has less than a million inhabitants.

There are even higher wages for skilled workers.

Luxembourg pays its working 15-17 year olds a higher minimum wage than America pays working adults.

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