The street cries over Pedro Sanchez during the visit of the British ambassador

whenever Pedro Sanchezpresident of the government, not on the roadGet a reality check. The last time was on Friday, he visited the home of the British Ambassador to Spain to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. there she heard the cry of “Let Tuxapote vote for you!” Hey “Sanchez resigns! You “Sanchez on the street, you are doomed Spain, taxi ..!”Similarly, on leaving, he is greeted by “Son of a bitch…!

Barely six days have passed since the last time Pedro Sanchez hit the road and we also said it: it was in Seville. Thus, the president of the government and the leader of the PSOE could not escape whistle and sound of protest On the street with whom he was welcomed at the start of his self-promotion campaign in Seville popular government. It’s a risk Faraz took at the start of the tour, and in the end the worst fears came true. at the first change.

In the streets of Seville, just before the act in the general community of owners and inhabitants of Pino Montano, Sanchez whistled and “Get out, get out!” cry from, who said “President, President!” Tried to counter with his followers. they sang for him. A poster against Sanchez can also be seen which states “This Txapot votes you”Pointing to the approach of the bloodthirsty prisoner of ETA.

Regarding the reason for the ambassador’s visit, Pedro Sánchez explained on the network that he went to the residence of the British diplomat to express “the love of the royal family, the government and the British people, and of all Spain”. “Queen Elizabeth II’s commitment and sense of duty will inspire generations to come,” he wrote.

A week ago Pedro SanchezHe was also greeted with cheers and cheers during his visit to Guadalajara. “¡Enterador! » Hey “compulsive liar!” There are certain adjectives that a socialist leader has acquired. Something that is already becoming a tradition every time Sanchez leaves the Palacio de la Moncloa to participate in various acts of its executive or the PSOE.

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