The Spanish delegation delighted for the Olympic World Sprint Championship in Canada

National Olympic Sprint Team Already in Canada for litigation World’s Championships On the modalities to be organized on the track of Banuk LakeIt is located in Halifax, Canada. As far as Spain has traveled 32 paddlers who want to achieve great results in a season where he has already demonstrated the good form he is in, because in the test of World Cup held in ResseeCzech Republic, got ours nine medals Divided into three gold medals (K4 500 by Saul Craviotto, Carlos Arevalo, Marcus Cooper and Rodrigo Germed, C2 500 by Cayetano García and Pablo Martínez and K1 1000 by Begona Lazcano) four silver medals (C1 200 by Antia Jacome, C2 by Juan Moreno) 500 and two bronzes (K1 500 by Marcus Cooper and K1 1000 by Isabel Contreras) by Adrian Ciero, Sara Ozande, Carolina García, Lia Pelaches and Teresa Portella, and C1 5000 by Maria Corbera.

first come Sete Benavides will open fire in the competitionThe paddler from the Balearic Islands, who had won bronze at London 2012 two months earlier, will start the competition (04:00 in Spain) in the first series of the C1 200. If he finishes in the top three, he will go directly to Saturday 6 final.

The next person to enter the contest will be K4 500 girls. Sara Ouzande, Carolina Garcia, Lia Pelaches and Teresa Portela will start from lane 6 in the first of two qualifying heats. If they succeed in the race among the first three boats, they will go directly to the final on Saturday.

loss K4 500 Boys (Saúl Cravioto, Carlos Arévalo, Marcus Cooper and Rodrigo Germade) will be the next player to draw in the first of three qualifiers. If they manage to win their series, they will advance to the final, also on Saturday August 6th.

Maria Romero and Maria Pratso will be the next to hit the track in Halifax with a qualifying round of C2 500 And, if they manage to make it into the top three, they will earn an entry into the final on Saturday. in the same test, but in boys, Cayetano Garcia and Pablo Martinez They will enter the third series with winning intention and go straight to the final, which will also take place on Saturday.

Marcus Cooper will be the next to participate in the event of K1,500, He will do it in the third series but in this case he will have to go through the semi-finals where he will try to reach the final there. In the women’s section, Isabel Contreras would take part in the third series and, like the men, she would have to go through the semi-final series thereafter.

In C1 500, Manuel Fontan The first of the three will participate in the series, but in this case, if they win the event, they will go directly to the final on Saturday.

The first day of these world championships will conclude Qualifying K1 1000m, where paco cubelos Will start in the third series and try to get a passport in the semi-finals.

the day of Thursdaywill start with a series of K1 200 womenwill participate in the first round mirella vazquezzi And if they win their series, they will go directly to the final on Sunday August 7th. in the category Man, Carlos Arevalo Will try to win in an economic series, if he succeeds, he will go directly to the final.

at this distance, but by boat C1, Maria Corbera He will start in the first series, if he reaches the finish line among the first three, he will go directly to the final.

Paul CrespoJoe’s Test will begin in the second series C1 1000, If he wins the series, he will be eliminated from the semi-finals and will go directly to the final on Sunday.

later it will be K2 500 where they associate Etore Gorotxategi and Pedro Vazquez They will start from the first heat and if they manage to be one of the first three boats to finish, they will be the finalists of the events.

Stephanie Fernandez She will also seek her place in the final if she finishes in the top three of her series. K1 1000.

loss The Dominguez brothers (Noël and Diego), Gully 7 in the first series of C2 1000 Or if they cross the finish line among the first three, they will manage to go to the final.

Something more complicated would be the pair K2 500 Aida Bouza and Begona Lazcano Since they don’t have to fight in the semifinals to qualify for Sunday’s final, they will have to win their series.

anybody Saul Craviotto in Beijing, Olympic gold medal with Carlos Perez, This time back in the world championship With Roy Rodriguez on his K2 500. No boat will go directly to the final, the first six of each of the four heats will go to the semi-finals.

The championship will conclude on Sunday with a long distance regatta. In C1 5000 participate in Marie Corbera in the female category and Manuel Garrido in the masculine, while in K1 5000, There will be only one Spanish participant in the boys’ test. paco cubelos The Spanish champions, declared champions in Seville last March, will try to end the competition in the best possible way.

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