The number of unemployed in the province of Malaga drops by almost 45,000 in one year


Spain recovered 776,000 jobs last year. / Europe Press

The number of people without work has almost returned to pre-pandemic levels and there is a record number of people at work in Spain, official data shows

The province of Malaga, including the Costa del Sol, ended 2021 with 44,732 unemployed, less than at the start of the year. The increase in those in employment did not quite bring the number of unemployed back to the same level at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but almost.

At the end of 2019, there were 148,845 unemployed locally. This compares to the 151,554 registered in the province by the regional government employment service at the end of 2021.

The local figure updated at the end of December was 1,471 down from the previous month, after an increase of three months at the end of the summer tourist season. The drop in unemployment locally during 2021 was 22.79%, slightly above the national drop of 20.12%. Malaga was the best performing province for job creation in Andalusia.

The service sector particularly benefited last month, with more work going into the Christmas season

The service sector particularly benefited from new jobs last month, with additional hires heading into the Christmas season.

National data

Spain recovered 776,000 jobs in 2021, with unemployment falling to 3.1 million, according to social security data. There are now a record 19.8 million people nationwide contributing to the social security system while working, even before the onset of the pandemic. Just over 100,000 were still on leave in Spain in December.


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