The Invisible Girl YA series adaptation is coming to Disney+ Spain

The young adult fiction series titled The invisible girl is currently in production, but that hasn’t stopped Beta Films from partnering with Disney+ Spain for international distribution rights. Trending with many new TV shows, the drama is an adaptation of the young adult fantasy book series of the same name (originally titled The invisible chica in the Spanish version) by Blue Jeans.

The story centers on Aurora Ríos, the “invisible girl”, as she deals with feeling that people aren’t really see his. But, when Aurora disappears and finds herself dead next to a compass, two of her classmates, Julia and Emilio, embark on the investigation into her murder. Originally released in Spanish, the series is currently filming in Carmona, Seville, in southern Spain. The provinces of El Viso del Alcor and Gerena are some other locations used for filming.


The series is created by Morena Films and will feature Daniel Grao and Zoe Stein, which will approach the story slightly edited as the roles of a father and daughter intertwined in researching the circumstances of the death of the invisible girl. The investigation is based on the beautiful landscape of a fictional town in Andalusia called Cárdena. The supposedly quiet village is rocked by the sudden murder, and the father-daughter duo are forced to put their own troubles into perspective to help track down the killer.

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Grao is best known for his Xoan work on Pedro Almódovar Julieta Spanish melodrama, and for his starring role in the two-part Mario Conde miniseries titled Mario Conde, The Glory Days. Stein is known for playing Bela Lebedev in The casa of Monteperdidoa television adaptation of the detective novel of the same name by Augustin Martinez. The next series is directed by Tito Lopez Amado and Aritz Moreno and written by Carmen Lopez-Areal, Marina Efron, Antonio Hernandez Centeno, Ramon Tarresand Ian de la Rosa.

In the upcoming project announcement, Pedro Uriol, executive producer Morena Films said of the premise, “The Invisible Girl will amaze both fans of the novel and those new to the story. The young adult thriller is mysterious and thrilling with a sensational cast and a purely cinematic look. Father and daughter must overcome their differences to solve a murder case that has shaken the peaceful lives of the people of Cárdena: it’s a character-driven story that will captivate viewers visually and emotionally.

Those same thoughts were echoed in the response from Beta Films’ Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions, Andreas Khevenhüller-Metschwhen she described the series’ characters, “With its immensely powerful intellectual property and talented creatives, ‘The Invisible Girl’ is a project that has captured our attention since the very beginning. This mystery thriller series is enhanced by its lifelike characters.Set in the visually stunning south of Spain, it combines all the ingredients to continue and thrive internationally as the next must-see Spanish show.

The invisible girl will premiere on Disney+ Spain. Although no launch date has been set, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting its passage from the page to the screen.

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