The complicated (and forgotten) history of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ before taking over from Antena 3

Last Wednesday, more than two million viewers and an average “share” of 17.2% supported the double premiere episode of ‘Pasión de gavilanes 2’, sequel to the hit fiction that 19 years ago captivated millions of viewers from everyone. The new season of Falcons has become the best debut of a foreign series on Telecinco since July 2018 with ‘The Good Doctor’.

The Colombian fiction recorded a positive conversion in “commercial target” with an average of 22.1% in its two broadcasts, which represents an increase of almost 5 points on its total audience figure, devastating among young people with a spectacular 37.9% among 25-34 year oldshis biggest fans.

Antena 3 ran into a big problem when ‘PdG’ started sweeping the Canary Islands

“Pasión de gavilanes 2” was acquired last January by Mediaset España after Atresmedia rejected its purchase due to its high cost. The Fuencarral group did not think twice and in this production he saw an opportunity to improve Telecinco’s audiencefor which he entered into a broad agreement with NBCUniversal Global Distribution in which a large number of feature films and soap operas, among other formats, were also included.

Image from ‘Passion of the Falcons 2’. (Telemundo)

Telecinco’s new bet did not shine as much as expected, especially after the huge marketing campaign orchestrated by Mediaset Spain for its premiere. Although not remembered by many, its first season was not an immediate success on Antena 3 either. The Atresmedia channel went through a real ordeal before the hawks managed to revolutionize half of Spain. The group from San Sebastian de los Reyes played their cards very badly and were about to pay dearly.

ANDn 2004, Antena 3 acquires the rights to “Pasión de gavilanes”, but only for its broadcast in the Canary Islands. The telenovela, produced by Telemundo and RTI Colombia, began broadcasting on November 22 of the same year and soon became one of the channel’s most profitable and successful products, with shares of audience of more than 50%. ‘Gavilanes’ filled the void left by ‘Mi gorda bella’ (49.6%), another production that managed to become a real phenomenon in the Canary Islands with audiences of up to 65%.

However, Antena 3 was unable to anticipate this success, so did not execute the option to purchase which had the rights to air the series nationally, that is to say that he allowed the six-month period provided for by contract to close the said operation to expire. The Atresmedia channel had just suffered hard blows at the national level with the broadcast of ‘Mi gorda bella’, ‘Soledad’ and ‘El useless’, Latin productions which, disconnected for the Canary Islands, had become real bombs. But since ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’, no other telenovela had managed to captivate the country from the grid of Antena 3.

Oscar, Juan and Franco, the Reyes ‘PdG’ brothers. (Telemundo)

The singular case of ‘Paixón de gabiáns’

The telenovela’s distributor, Tepuy Internacional, was quick to put the rights to “Pasión de gavilanes” back on the market. At that time, those responsible for the Galician regional channel were quick and decided to seize the rights. It’s like that, ‘Paixón de Gabiáns’ started its broadcasts on TVG, with a daily triple delivery, on April 11, 2006.

The Galicians have fully supported the commitment of his channel. Although its premiere on the desktop (3:35 p.m.) went rather unnoticed (14.2%), every day more and more viewers were hooked on the end of ‘Paixón of Gabians’, breaking the 20% barrier, 25 % and up to 30%. The success of the telenovela led local Catalan channel City TV to negotiate its acquisition to distribute it in Catalonia.

For a while, ‘Paixón de gabiáns’ faced head-on ‘Pasión de gavilanes’

Antena 3, for its part, did not sit idly by and tried to recover all available rights from ‘The Passion of the Falcons’. He exerted such pressure that he left the local channel out of any option to buy. That’s when they started looking at the possibility of offering it nationally or even offline for other territories. And for this, the group was forced to negotiate with TVG.

“I had bought ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ for TVG and blocked it for Spain, so Antena 3 had to make a deal with me to be able to show it,” he admitted years later, Jose Maria Besteiro, executive producer of ‘Libro de familia’ then one of the managers of TVG. “This is the worst deal I’ve made in my life.But came Pello Sarasola (deceased in 2015) as antenna director and say that I made a symbolic price. And I say symbolic, especially if we compare with the results obtained”.

The three pairs of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’. (Telemundo)

‘Paixón de gabiáns’ offered its denouement on July 13 of the same year. The last chapter gathered 30% of audience after attracting 177,000 viewers. A record for TVG, which posted a fantastic “share” of 16.1% that day.

Just a day later, TVG premiered the telenovela ‘Xitanas’ (‘Gypsies’), however, it did not achieve the expected results. It is more, the regionals have lost up to 20 points on average in the band, which prompted its administrators to take an unprecedented decision to date. A few days later, they chose to replace “Paixón de gabiáns” from the start with a double daily delivery.

For the first time, a Spanish network scheduled a telenovela from the start as soon as it finished airing. With this desperate measure, TVG tried to recover the lost audience and, on the other hand, to prevent the followers of the novel from joining the original version of “Pasión de gavilanes” through the Antena 3 signal.

The Atresmedia channel then made the best decision. Once TVG lost the exclusivity of the telenovela, after offering its result, Antena 3 chose to start broadcasting it in Galicia. In its first weeks, “Pasion de Gavilanes” managed to improve the channel’s audiencealthough in mid-July it was still the third option, behind Telecinco and La Primera.

Original intro of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’. (Telemundo)

TVE also noticed the ‘Gavilanes’

The undeniable international success of “Pasión de gavilanes” has not gone unnoticed in Spain. Spanish televisionwith a long tradition in this type of production, he also laid his eyes on this telenovela, however, Antena 3 was ahead of him and closed the buyout before the public network. At that time, the “Pasión de gavilanes” was sold in more than 40 countries.

Promotional image for ‘I love you like that, little bean’. (Atresmedia)

June 20, 2005

“Pasión de gavilanes” began its journey at national level in mid-2005. Its first episode was released on June 20, although the results were not expected at all after ending up with a cold 10.6% and 1,293,000 viewers. That afternoon, the channel began to offer the telenovela throughout the national territory, except in the Canary Islands, where it had already been offered since last November, and except in Galicia, where its share already exceeded 30% after two months. of dissemination.

One day before the arrival of the ‘Gavilanes’, TVE’s 1 premiered another title viewers remember well, “I Love You Like That, Little Bean”which came to reinforce the diffusion of other soap operas like “Amor real” and the Spanish “Obsesión”.

A3 premiered the telenovela nationwide seven months after its launch in the Canary Islands

In its first week, Antena 3 Bet gathered 1,457,000 subscribers (12.5%), while in its second week, the following rose to 1,670,000 viewers (15.9%). ). In just two weeks, ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ It has become the favorite of young people, Exceeding the desktop by 25%. Who was the majority audience for this soap opera? Incredibly, viewers under 44. In fact, in most of the national premieres of 18% of its audience, it was made up of young people; a figure that has exceeded the 30% barrier in just a few weeks.

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An end to the top

“Passion of Falcons” he said goodbye to Antena 3 through the front door on January 19, 2006, seven months after its national premiere. And the eye! because the channel programmed its last two episodes in “prime time”, after having offered another episode in its usual time slot (4:00 p.m.).

The chain blindly trusted the telenovela, so much so that this Thursday evening, it was opposed to “Big Brother” (Telecinco). “Passion of Falcons” led its slot with over 5 million viewers (5,282,000 and 27%) and led Antena 3 to sign one of its best figures of the season on Thursday evening.

The reality show Telecinco, with Mercedes Milá in the front, did not back down and despite the expected outcome of ‘PdG’, it gathered an audience of more than 4 million viewers (4,236,000 and 24.5%). During this gala, Jesús Tinajo (Ciudad Real) was expelled, after 91 days together and only three grand final galas.

Thanks to these fantastic records, Antena 3 closed the day in first position with a magnificent average of 23.8%. Telecinco was second with an incredible 22%, given that they only lost 1.1 points this Thursday.

Header from ‘Passion of hawks 2’. (Telemundo)

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