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12/19/2021 at 6:23 PM CET


In bad weather, good face“, the saying goes, something that buyers of the famous Christmas Lottery, whose sales go up this year as the sixth wave of coronavirus infections progresses unstoppably.

This extraordinary draw, a tradition of over 200 years and also known abroad, marks the start of Christmas celebrations in Spain every December 22, although with restrictions, and probably without public participation for the second year in a row due to a strong rebound in infections.

Millions of people believe that luck will bring them the joy of a prize, plus this year a financial and emotional relief, a balm in difficult times, no matter how small. Because Spain is facing serious social and economic damage from the pandemic, which has already caused around 89,000 deaths, according to official health records, and sank the economy by 10.8% in 2020.

An example of this hope is the case of the administration Doña Manolita de Madrid, one of the most famous lottery sales establishments in the country, in the vicinity of Puerta del Sol, in the historic center of the capital. Hundreds of customers from any part of Spain (and other countries) can wait hours and hours at the door to acquire the precious tickets, tickets to participate in the raffle, at 20 euros each ( $ 22.5).

Corn eight days before that Christmas raffle, Doña Manolita had already sent in the window and on the internet every tenth that I had available. The same thing happened last year, but “not so early” and that’s the difference, said an employee of the establishment.

More sales

The Christmas fundraising, which is typically 30% of that of the whole year, fell by 11% for the 2020 draw, according to the public entity Loterías del Estado. The sale was hampered then by social, travel and trade restrictions, but now virtually abolished.

The overall forecast is a 15% increase in sales this year, says Borja Muñiz, president of the National Association of Provincial Associations of Lottery Administrators (Anapal). So it will come from 3.1 billion euros ($ 3,488 million), an amount similar to that of 2019, before the pandemic.

According to this organization, some 24 million people will play this year to win the first Christmas prize, known as El Gordo, of 400,000 euros to the tenth ($ 450,000), of which 18% goes to the public treasury in taxes. . Although they can also console themselves with many others of a lesser amount.

The sale is going better than we thought», Confirmed Angélica Segovia, who ships the lottery to the Atlantic island of Tenerife.

Customs that don’t change

And, as on other occasions, the demand for curious figures is multiplying or coinciding with designated dates.

This year is 19,921, in reference to the start of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Atlantic island of La Palma (September 19, 2021); and other issues sold there, because there is a popular belief, almost never realized, that it hits where there is misfortune.

And in search of luck they change and play tenths With family, friends and acquaintances, they can be bought in shops and bars, in all kinds of associations, in vacation spots or on the way …

Unsurprisingly, the slogan of the 2021 advertising campaign is “We share our luck with whom we share our lives”, which illustrates how this draw is experienced in Spain, the most popular of all, always with great expectation.

One more year, it will be held at the Teatro Real in Madrid by the traditional system of two drums: one with the balls of 100,000 numbers in play and the other, much smaller, with those of the 1,807 prizes. They will be sung, one by one, by students of the San Ildefonso school in Madrid.

The value of the issue of the notes is 3,440 million euros (3,870 million dollars), of which 70% will be distributed in prizes. Apart from the jackpot, the second will be 125,000 euros to the tenth, and the third will distribute 50,000 euros, to which the corresponding withholding tax, in addition to others of a lesser amount.

And beware of the celebrations, which can be a major source of transmission of the coronavirus, since Spain is at maximum risk of contagion.

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