The Canucks are benching the arena organist for now. Here’s why.

Mike Kenney has been the Canucks’ organist for 22 years.

For decades, the organ has been a part of the hockey soundtrack, from the classic “Charge” fanfare to renditions of modern pop and rock songs.

While the organ fell out of favor in the 80s and 90s, it enjoyed a resurgence in the new millennium as the NHL focused on history and tradition, with most NHL teams hiring an organist . The Tampa Bay Lightning even removed 574 seats from their arena to install the league’s largest pipe organ in 2011.

For 22 years, Mike Kenney was the Vancouver Canucks’ game organist, part of the entertainment in the arena alongside the dj and crowd pumping videos. However, fans who go to games now won’t hear him play.

In fact, the organ hasn’t been featured in the Canucks’ last three home games. In recent games, the organ has been removed from the arena experiment at Rogers Arena as the Canucks experiment with other ideas. Most notably, chord hits on the organ punctuated goal announcements – these have now been replaced by electric guitar power chords.

The concern is that the sound of the organ doesn’t mesh with everything the Canucks are doing to create a noisy atmosphere at Rogers Arena. Instead of continuing to build hype in the crowd, the organ is believed to lower the energy in the arena.

Kenney was first hired in 2000, passing his audition after years of studying jazz at Humber College, entertaining on cruise ships and playing in local bands in Vancouver. Since then, he’s been a fixture in Canucks games, though he’s only been called up to play a few times a game at times.

Of the 32 NHL teams, only six other than the Canucks don’t have an organist – Philadelphia Flyers, Carolina Hurricanes, Dallas Stars, Arizona Coyotes, Vegas Golden Knights and Edmonton. Lubricators. The Seattle Kraken expansion has hired the film’s organist Slap ShotRod Masters, although he probably won’t play “Lady of Spain”.

Canucks fans won’t be hearing “Lady of Spain” for the foreseeable future, either.

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