The 7 best types of coffee in Spain (and how to order them)



SPAIN is well known for many things, from music to tapas, but it was Spain’s flourishing coffee culture (to rival even that of Italy) that made the country famous for its great variety of types of coffee.

From con leche to cortado, Spain is renowned for serving coffee in every way imaginable, sipped by locals, enjoyed by tourists and savored by coffee lovers through the country’s thousands of cafes.

Here, Euro Weekly News reviews some of Spain’s most famous types of coffee – as well as some of its more unusual – to make it easier to order your favorite, whether you live in Spain or are just visiting. .

And to recreate that coffee-like feel at home, we’ve also concocted some must-have coffee accessories to transform your morning cup (you’re welcome).

History of Spanish coffee

But first, a little history lesson. Coffee is believed to have arrived in Spain from Turkey around the 16the century after the drink was first introduced to Europe when the Turks invaded Hungary at the Battle of Mohacs in 1526.

However, the drink quickly took off, leading to the creation of cafes, a tradition that led to the now ubiquitous coffee culture in Spain.

While Spain grows very little coffee itself – just between 4 and 5 tonnes per year compared to 3,558,000 per year in Brazil – the country is well known for its coffee roasting. In fact, Alicante and Barcelona are home to some of Spain’s most famous roasters.

Thanks to its appeal, coffee is now a staple among Spaniards and tourists alike, consumed both at home in one of the country’s many cafes.

And now on to the good stuff, our list of Spain’s most famous types of coffee.

1. Café con Leche

Perhaps the most well-known of all types of coffee in Spain, café con leche (latte) is a phrase even new visitors to Spain have probably heard of.

Composed half espresso and half milk, café con leche is one of the most ordered types of coffee in Spain and comes with hot or cold milk.

If you prefer yours on the hot side, order your café con leche with leche caliente, or for a cooler coffee, ask for leche fria.

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2. Café Solo

As simple as the name suggests, a solo coffee is a small cup of milk-free espresso and is one of the most popular types of coffee in Spain.

One for true coffee lovers, a solo coffee is ideal for those who really like to taste the flavor of their cup, and is usually enjoyed after a meal.

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3. Cafe Cortado

Perfect for those who like a strong coffee but with a little milk, a cortado coffee is an espresso with a touch of white.

A great coffee to enjoy in the middle of the day thanks to its high caffeine content, but without the bitterness of an espresso, a cortado coffee is a popular favorite in Spain.

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4. Café Bombon

Perfect for those who like their coffee with a sweet taste, Bombon Coffee is an espresso with condensed milk.

Make your own bombon at home with condensed milk. Simply place the milk at the bottom of the cup before slowly pouring in an espresso and mixing.

5. Café Sombra

One for those who like their coffee very milky, a sombra coffee is mostly milk with a small amount of coffee.

With more milk than a café con leche, it’s perfect for those who like their coffee less intense.

A good evening coffee thanks to its lower amount of caffeine, a sombra coffee is also a great choice for those who don’t like the flavor of coffee.

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6. Carajillo

A favorite among expats, a carajillo is an espresso with whiskey or brandy.

Perfect for cooler evenings, this coffee is milk free and is one of the most famous types of coffee in Spain.

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7. Coffee with Hielo

A particular favorite during the warmer summer months, a café con hielo (coffee with ice cream) is basically the Spanish equivalent of an iced coffee.

Usually served as an espresso glass with a separate glass with ice, add sugar or milk to your coffee con hielo to make your own coffee.

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