TCM offers new alternatives to fight COVID-19

BEIJING, December 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A report from At the 18th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine held on December 4, 2021, experts from Spain, France, Australia and other countries and regions have highly recognized the role of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the fight against COVID-19. Dr. Chen Zhen, president of the Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies of Central and Eastern Europe, said the Hungarian TCM Qihuang center provides online consultation services to nearly one million local people in Hungary and central and Eastern Europe, and has received more than 5,680 COVID-19 patients.

German virologist Jindrich cinatl said in an interview with The Globe and Mail: “In Western medicine we have drugs that only attack a specific target. With traditional medicine, you can prevent virus absorption into cells, virus replication, etc.

Speaking at the 75th anniversary of the Singapore Chinese Physicians Association on December 12, Minister of Health of Singapore Ong Ye Kung also stated that the Singapore the government is authorizing medical acupuncture as a treatment for COVID-19. TCM has played an irreplaceable role in helping Singapore fight COVID-19.

So far, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China has hosted more than 110 lectures and live broadcasts, widely presented experiences of TCM as a treatment for COVID-19 in 150 countries and regions, and provided Chinese medicine products to countries in need.

Because May 2021, in the fight against the variant “Delta” in Guangdong Province, 156 patients were treated with TCM in conjunction with Western medicine, representing 93.4% of all “Delta” variant patients. Of these, over 70% were treated with TCM alone and fared well.

TCM is the precious treasure found in the fight against disease for thousands of years, and it belongs to all mankind. According to experts, TCM advocates human values, harmony between man and nature and the balance of the universe. It is an important part of traditional Chinese culture which is very consistent with the concept of health in modern society.

Ma Jianzhong, president of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, said TCM has now spread to 196 countries and regions. As a health messenger China with the rest of the world, it plays an important role in building a community of destiny for humanity.


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