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MADRID (AP) — A Spanish retiree who is campaigning to keep in-person customer services at bank branches because he felt “left out” by the shift to online banking on Tuesday hands government officials a petition with more than 610 000 signatures, amid an outpouring of national support for his cause.

Carlos San Juan, 78, a retired doctor from Valencia, southeastern Spain, traveled to Madrid and was due to deliver the signatures to Secretary of State for the Treasury, Carlos Cuerpo, at the Ministry of Health. ‘Economy.

His petition on has struck a chord with many people in Spain as banks look to expand their online business. The petition has resonated beyond the elderly, with some people commenting on its petition website that their parents face similar difficulties.

As the campaign gathered momentum last month, he received a phone call from the governor of the Bank of Spain, the country‘s central bank, and the government publicly called on banks to make sure they responded. to the needs of the elderly.

Referring to Spain’s roughly 10 million pensioners, San Juan told the economy ministry he was motivated by the “desperation of very many people who feel left out”.

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On his petition website, he complained that “most everything these days is done on the internet…and we don’t understand those machines”.

“We don’t deserve this exclusion,” he said, calling for “human attention” when he goes to a bank.

He said he sometimes felt “humiliated” asking a bank clerk for help “and they treated me like I was an idiot because I couldn’t do it”.

His slogan on is “SoyMayorNOidiota” (I’m a senior, not an idiot).

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