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MADRID (AP) – Spain’s Supreme Court on Monday refused to suspend a government decision allowing the extradition of a former Venezuelan spy master to the United States.

Lawyers for General Hugo Carvajal, who for more than a decade had been the eyes and ears of late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez in the Venezuelan army, have asked the court to suspend the Spanish government’s decision – taken 18 months ago -.

But the Supreme Court said in its written decision that Carvajal had not presented any new arguments against the government’s decision, which he had already opposed in the court in May last year.

Carvajal’s extradition proceedings are currently on hold in the National Court after he filed for asylum in Spain.

Nicknamed “El Pollo” or “The Chicken”, Carvajal was arrested on September 9 in a small apartment in Madrid, where he had been locked up for months. His arrest came nearly two years after Carvajal defied a Spanish extradition order and disappeared.

In the United States, he faces federal charges for allegedly collaborating with guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to “flood” the United States with cocaine.

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