Spain pledges millions more in aid to La Palma



Credit: Involcan

Spain pledges additional millions in aid to La Palma. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez visited the island for the fifth time since the volcanic eruptions began.

La Palma volcano began to erupt on September 19. Businesses and homes have since been destroyed. The volcano shows no sign of stopping yet. Lava is still flowing after more than a month.

Sanchez has confirmed that the Spanish government will provide millions of additional aid to La Palma. A new law will be passed to provide the new funding.

The government has already announced more than 60 million euros in direct aid. The agricultural and fishing sectors on the island have been badly affected and also expect to receive aid of € 6 million.

Over 2,000 buildings have been damaged by the lava flowing from Cumbre Vieja. The damaged buildings are mainly houses and farms. The lava covered about 850 hectares of land.

As the lava hits the sea, the island grows. Many earthquakes were also felt on the island. To date, more than 7,000 residents have been evacuated. Authorities worked quickly to ensure lives were saved.

More than 400 people are said to be in temporary accommodation. These accommodations were provided by the government. Many people were also greeted by friends and family.

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has warned that the eruptions will continue. He commented: “We still have weeks ahead of us”,

“We are going through very difficult times. (But) no inhabitant of La Palma will have to leave the island to continue their life.

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