Spain bans plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables to reduce waste


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What keeps our fruits and vegetables clean and fresh? Unfortunately, the answer is often single-use plastic wrap. Supermarket aisles are full of packaging, most of which is not recyclable. The plastic waste generated by food consumption ends up in landfills or even in the ocean. Countries have recently started to take action to combat this harmful build-up. Spain has announced that it is banning plastic packaging for products in an attempt to reduce waste.

Spain’s Ministry of Ecological Transition is currently drafting a decree banning plastic packaging for products sold in stores weighing less than 1.5 kilograms (around 3.3 pounds). The ban will take effect in 2023. The edict hopes to encourage buyers to buy in bulk or use reusable packaging. The new decree also considers ways to make drinking water easily accessible and to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Plastic cups can also be regulated.

The Spanish ban follows in the footsteps of France, which has banned similar plastic packaging from 2022. Other countries such as India and the United Kingdom recently decided to ban certain classes of single-use plastics in the United Kingdom. over the next few years. For Spain, the need for regulation has been made tangible by a sobering study recently published in the Marine Pollution Bulletin. The study found that microplastics are an urgent problem along Spain’s vast and beautiful coastlines. “Drastically reduce their [single use plastic] global production ”, is the way forward, the researchers say. Spain’s impending plastic packaging ban is a step in the right direction.

Spain has announced its intention to ban single-use plastic packaging for food products from 2023 in a bid to reduce waste.

Spain bans plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables to reduce waste

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