Scotland Women’s Team boss Pedro Martinez Losa relishes World Cup qualifying clash with home country Spain | Football news


Pedro Martinez Losa has added motivation to lead Women’s Scotland to the 2023 World Cup final.

The Madrid head coach will lead the squad for the first time in their first qualifying game in Hungary on Friday before the Faroe Islands travel to Hampden Park on September 21.

Scotland will also face Spain and Ukraine in Group B, with the winners qualifying automatically and the runner-up team will advance to the play-offs.

The former boss of Rayo Vallecano Femenino, Arsenal Women and Bordeaux Women is fully focused on Scotland, but has noted the upcoming matches with Spain – which are the favorites of the group.

He said: “The most exciting thing for me is to create the identity of this team, to connect with the players, the staff and to make the most of the team and the performances, to create something really special for Scotland.

“But of course I’m Spanish and when we play against Spain I will of course have extra motivation to beat them and prove what Scotland can do.

“We can’t say that one game is more important than others.

“As we take on Spain we will love to be able to compete for the top spot with them.

“We have to go game by game. We will try to aim for the first position.

“We are aware that the first position is difficult, but only if you dream and work for the first position, you might get the second, but if you aim for the second, you might get the third, so you will have for aim to win every game and recap after every game.

“Let’s try to be first and if we’re just second at the end, we’ll take care of it.”

Martinez Losa is happy that Hampden Park is the home of Scottish women during qualifying.

He said: “This is a unique opportunity for all of us and the girls are all very excited to prove themselves, to play at Hampden.

“What we hope to do is connect with a lot of fans and have a lot of fans in the stadium to have the 12th player who can make a difference.

“At the end of the competition, maybe a point of difference is where it gives us this opportunity, so we look forward to that.”

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