Salvadoran entrepreneur seeks to share her tasty culture with the community of San Antonio



SAN ANTONIO – Salvadoran woman makes her dreams come true and helps San Antonio develop his taste for Central American cuisine.

Yaneth Rosales says owning the Salvadoran food stall inside Pica Pica Square on the south side is just the start of her American dream. Sabor Salvadoreno is part of a lifelong dream she works for.

The Salvadoran migrant beams with pride when she talks about her food, culture and restaurant.

“More than anything I want the pupusa to be known, to become famous,” Rosales said in Spanish.

Rosales emigrated to the United States in search of refuge and shelter. But only a month after arriving, she was injured in an accident. His plea to the doctors was that they save his hand.

“I would say to the doctors, ‘What am I going to do? It is my working tool. Now what am I going to do? ‘ Rosales said, recounting his experience.

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As soon as she recovered, she started selling food and building up a following, which led to her opening her food stall. She says that initially people had to be introduced to her pupusas and other offerings.

“People were looking at us strangely, wondering what a pupusa was,” Rosales said. “But we’ve built a client base, thank goodness. The customers leave satisfied.

His dream is not over. Her mission is to grow her business and open her own restaurant so that customers can sit back and enjoy her food.

Among his recommendations is pupusa, a thick tortilla stuffed with cheese, beans or mixed. There’s also Salvadoran tamal, with masa, spices, and chicken wrapped in a plantain leaf, giving it a unique flavor. The refried beans with Salvadoran sour cream and fried plantains are also a must try.

Rosales says she has always loved to cook, even in her home country. This business is the opportunity she feels was destined for her.

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She encourages all migrants who come to the United States to make a dream come true and not to give up.

“You come to the United States for your ‘American dream’. Focus on what you want to accomplish and you will be successful, ”she said.

The Salvadoran food business of Rosales is located inside the Pica Pica Plaza at 910 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214.

This story is part of KSAT’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. The Spanish version is available at the bottom:

Para Yanet Rosales, is a place in the comida that is part of su cultura Salvadoreña. The immigrant empezó un pequeño negocio de comida dentro from Plaza Pica Pica in 910 SE Military Drive, San Antonio.

“Creo que más que todo la pupusa es lo típico platillo de nosotros, que la pupusa se de a conocer, que se haga famosa”, launches Rosales.

Con esfuerzo, a crecido su clientela y ha hecho que más personas se familiaricen con la comida de su país. Su meta es crecer su negocio to house a Salvadoreño restaurante.

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“Tú quieres llegar a Estados Unidos, vienes por el sueño americano, enfócate a lo que vienes, si lo vas a lograr,” says Rosales.

Este reportaje de KSAT is part of celebration of Mes de Herencia Hispana.

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