Questions and answers with former student Maria Gomez


Bowling Green lawyer Maira Gomez graduated from WKU in 2012 with a degree in Spanish. Below, she explains why she decided to major in Spanish and how this contributed to her decision to practice law.

Q: What language did you study and why did you decide to devote yourself to it with a major or a minor?
A: I studied Spanish. I decided to specialize because I was planning to teach Spanish at the college level.

Q: What were the highlights of the program?
A: Definitely my study abroad experience in Spain! It was amazing – highly recommend it to everyone! Studying abroad not only helps you learn more about the language, but also learns the culture and traditions. In addition, you travel!

Q: Can you describe your study abroad experience?
A: It was amazing! As part of the program, we were able to travel to different cities near Segovia, Spain to learn more about the culture and history. We would have classes in the morning, on weekdays, and on weekends off. The teachers were amazing, very kind and helpful in anything we needed, whether it was for school work or a personal matter. They have always cared about your safety and well-being. During the weekends, many of us traveled to different cities. Bus and metro transport is easily accessible and very manageable. Every city I have visited in Spain is beautiful and breathtaking! Definitely an amazing experience and highly recommend it!

Q: Tell us a bit about what you are doing now.
A: I graduated from the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law School of Law in May 2021. I am currently working at English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley, LLC as an associate lawyer. My desire is to help people with their legal needs and to specialize in immigration law.
Q: How has your knowledge of another language contributed to your career?
A: Knowing a second language, Spanish, allowed me to communicate with Spanish speaking people, with whom I would not be able to communicate otherwise. Additionally, it has allowed me to connect with Spanish speaking clients on a more personal level, as they can comfortably express themselves in ways that would not be possible with an interpreter.

Q: Why is learning another language important?
A: Learning a second language is essential because it gives you the opportunity to communicate and interact with other people who do not speak your language. This opens the door to more diversity and inclusion. It also gives you more job opportunities.

Q: What advice would you give to those trying to learn another language?
A: Do it! No matter how long it takes you or how difficult it is, do it! And if you already know another language but don’t think you can speak it fluently enough, don’t be afraid to speak it. The only way to improve yourself is to speak it and practice it as much as you can.

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