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Earlier this month, Queen Letizia bid farewell to her eldest again as Princess Leonor returned to Wales to resume her studies at UWC Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan. The Princess of Asturias is believed to have returned to the UK in time for the start of the new term on January 5, a day before Spain’s traditional end to the Epiphany Christmas holiday. Spanish newspapers claimed the Queen was adamant that the heir to the throne was not skipping class, ending a long-standing family tradition.

It is believed that the Queen and King Felipe VI passed Princess Leonor and her youngest, Princess Sofia, on January 6 with their maternal grandfather, Jesus Ortiz. in Madrid since the girls were younger.

But with the resumption of classes in Wales, Leonor had to miss the traditional family day.

The Queen and King of Spain welcomed their eldest daughter to Madrid in December after nearly four months away from home, as she began her studies at UWC in August last year.

Due to its distinguished pupils, the Welsh institution has claimed the title of ‘princess school’ in recent years.

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Princess Leonor shares her Welsh experience with Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, sister of the future Queen, Catherina-Amalia.

And the future Queen of the Belgians – Elisabeth, Princess of Brabant – is a former pupil and now an undergraduate student at Oxford University.

Three Kings Day, celebrated on January 6, is not the first national celebration Princess Leonor has been forced to miss since moving to Wales.

In October, Leonor had to skip the Spanish National Day parade, but managed to make a short visit to her home to present the Princess of Asturias award.

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Princess Leonor is the heiress of her father, King Felipe VI, and is set to become the first reigning queen in Spanish history.

While the Spanish monarchy follows cognatic male-preference primogeniture, which means that male children come before their female parents regardless of birth order, Leonor will always ascend the throne after her father because Felipe and Letizia had no only girls.

She made her official debut in 2018, when she gave a speech on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.


She followed in her father’s footsteps by addressing members of the Cervantes Institute in Madrid at just 13, the same age Felipe was when he gave his first speech in 1981.

Leonor was praised for speaking with a “firm voice” while reading the first of 169 articles in Spain’s Magna Carta.

As Princess of Asturias, a title reserved for the heir to the throne, Leonor also oversees the awarding of the Princess of Asturias awards, but her father, who led the awards foundation until 2014, will continue to preside over the ceremony until until it spins. 18 next year.

Like many heirs to the throne, she should then join King Felipe in the Council of State of Spain.

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