Panic in the Streets of Spain by the Mafia Van de Luca Onstini

This is the Range Rover Evoque, a truck with excellent performance. It is one of the favorite cars of influencers. Without a doubt, he presents a perfect aspect to play in a film full of gangsters. Learn more!

Luca Onestini has become a trend in Spain just hours after his arrival in the country was made public. The influencer gained immense popularity as the winner of the reality show “Secret Story”. Anyone who follows him on his social media knows he has a passion for cars. Despite a very attractive garage, there is one van that stands out from the rest.

In Torque we mention the Van Range Rover Evoque manufactured by the Land Rover brand. In Onetti’s case, he opted for white which helped enhance the vehicle’s gangsta image.

The Ranger Rover Evoque is powered by a 2.0 liter Ingenium Turbo engine with 245C and 365Nm of torque. It is a truck that has very interesting characteristics to be transported in the city and in adverse conditions. In fact, it’s the vehicle he constantly shows off on his Instagram account.

Lucas Onstini atop his color rover

The estimated price of the SUV is 70,000 euros, a low figure if compared to the prices of other cars. except the trucknoteta, the Italian also owns a Bentley and a Lamborghini.

It is one of Luca Onestini’s oldest acquisitions. Undoubtedly, it quickly became one of his favorite vehicles, as it was frequently seen on board. A vehicle made for a gangster, but in the hands of a true king of show business.

+ Range Rover interior

In Luca Onstini’s truck
It is a very comfortable option for the family

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