Out of proportion


ALHABIA: Small but the town hall owes 2,698 € for each inhabitant Photo credit: Almeriapedia

At the end of 2020, the 103 town halls and town halls of the province of Almeria owed the banks 359.7 million euros.

Figures from Hacienda, Spain’s finance ministry, reveal that El Ejido is the most indebted municipality in Almeria and owes 150 million euros, or 1,800 euros for each of its 84,710 inhabitants.

But the town hall of Alhabia, which owes 1.8 million euros, is less well off, with 2,698 euros per inhabitant.

Macael’s € 14 million debt translates to € 2,460 per capita, while Turre’s € 8.9 million is an intimidating amount of € 2,355 for every man, woman and child who lives there.

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