On that day, Kobe Bryant and Team USA achieved a historic feat at the 2008 Beijing Olympics


After the Tokyo Olympics this year, the US team continued its tradition of winning the gold medal. As they got off to a rocky start, losing their exhibition matches and their opener against France, things finally picked up and were able to carry on the winning legacy. Although it wasn’t very long since their final game, that day in 2008, Team USA’s Redeem Team beat Spain in the final to win a gold medal. And that’s certainly another reason for us to remember Kobe Bryant.


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A look back at a great day for Team USA

On August 24, 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games men’s basketball finals were held. It was Team USA against Spain, the two rivals who have faced each other several times in this competition, constantly giving their money’s worth. But it was the year of the United States team, which beat Spain 118-107 to win the gold medal.


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That day 13 years ago, the United States broke their eight-year losing streak after winning just a bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Before their last game against Spain, they had just won a victory against Argentina, the team they lost to in 2004.

They have been nicknamed “the buyout team” for this same reason. And also because they went 8-0 in the tournament, being completely unbeatable even in knockout matches. And there has been no turning back since then. At the London Olympics in 2012, they again won the gold medal against Spain.


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Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade led the team

Kobe Bryant of the United States and his teammates during the National Anthem during the Men’s Basketball Final between the United States and Spain at the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games. London, UK . August 12, 2012. (Photo: Steve Christo) (Photo by Steve Christo / Corbis via Getty Images)

In that game, Dwyane Wade was the leading scorer who added 27 points to the scoreboard in 27 minutes. In fact, he also had 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 assists which he completed with a stellar 9 of 12 shot from the field. Next was Kobe Bryant, who was behind Wade to score with 20 points.

Also, there were 5 more players in their squad who finished the night in double digits, and Spain actually had 6 players. In fact, Spain had reduced the lead to just 2 points in the last 8 minutes of the game. But Kobe came to the rescue and 13 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter gave them a comfortable lead for a win.


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It was the US team’s 13th gold medal since basketball became a part of the Summer Olympics. Since then, out of 20 chances, the USA have been able to win 16 gold medals in this competition. Simply amazing, isn’t it? And with the current team continuing the streak, what could be better?

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