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SIGNATED CONTRACT Jesus Caicedo, Alvaro Garcia Artinano, Jose Maria Gallart. Photo Credit: Port Authority of Almeria
The OLD fishing nets that are impervious to decay and recyclable, are being reused instead of being disposed throughout Canada. Port Authority of Almeria (APA) and the Fishery Products Organization (OPP-71) have signed a contract of 6 months, with a firm called Gravity Wave. The company will get rid of old nets for free. This company at Calpe (Alicante) It is located within Calpe (Alicante) Calpe (Alicante) company takes used nets and plastics removed from the Mediterranean and transforms them into brand new material that is utilized in the creation of street furniture items like posters, bins and bins, or any other product that is usually made from wood and. PVC. The process is explained in Alvaro Garcia Artinano, the creator of Gravity Wave. “In addition to offering fishermen with a free service the initiative is in line with the port authority’s goal of the circular economy and, ultimately sustainability.” said the APA presidency Jesus Caicedo. Jose Maria Gallart, director of the OPP-71 said that in the past seven years, trawlers of the area of Almeria are working on the destruction of floating and marine litter that was gathered in the area. In addition, helping keep the Mediterranean at its best state it is possible . The around ten vessels track the amount of garbage they collect and where they deliver the waste to. They transmit this information direct through to Junta de Andalucia, providing the authorities of the region with an accurate estimate of the amount of household waste is thrown in the sea.

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