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SIGNED CONTRACT: Jesus Caicedo, Alvaro Garcia Artiñano and Jose Maria Gallart Photo credit: Port Authority of Almeria

The OLD, irreparable fishing nets will be recycled instead of going to landfills across the province.

The Port Authority of Almeria (APA) and the Fishery Products Organization (OPP-71) have signed a six-month agreement with a company called Gravity Wave that will remove old nets for free.

Based in Calpe (Alicante), the company recovers nets and unusable plastics removed from the Mediterranean and transforms them into a new raw material for the manufacture of street furniture, bins, posters or any other product that would normally be made of wood or wood. PVC. , explained Alvaro Garcia Artiñano of Gravity Wave.

“In addition to being a free service for the fishing sector, the initiative is in line with the Port Authority’s commitment to the circular economy and, in short, sustainability,” said the APA President Jesus Caicedo.

Jose Maria Gallart, director of the OPP-71, pointed out that for the past six years, trawlers in the province of Almeria have been involved in the disposal of litter from the seabed as well as floating litter from the area.

In addition to helping keep the Mediterranean as clean as possible, the ten or so boats keep track of how much waste they remove and where.

They then pass this information on to the Junta de Andalucia, providing regional authorities with a more precise idea of ​​how much household garbage is reaching the sea.

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