My 7 favorite restaurants to discover on mobile

The story of Mobile, Alabama is quite amazing. Founded by the French in 1702, the city has been under not one but four international flags – France, Britain, Spain and the United States. With over 320 years of history and such a large and diverse collection of cultures established in the city, you can well imagine that Mobile has quite an eclectic collection of dining experiences, and it does.

The Mobile area has seen not only a revitalization of some of its famous classic restaurants, but also an explosion of incredible new dining experiences springing onto the scene. Allow me to introduce you to some of my favorite restaurants in Alabama’s port town and some mobile treats that have also become town traditions. Don’t ask me which one is my favorite. They all serve equally delicious menus (or, in the case of my last three picks, delicious sweet treats), so this list is in no particular order.

1. Debris Po-Boys and Drinks

A New Orleans specialty, the po’ boy, takes a mobile spin at Debris Po-Boys and Drinks at 276 Dauphin Street.

The six-door debris wall overlooks historic Dauphin Street and is open during office hours (weather permitting), allowing a cool breeze to seep into the scene during the hot summer months as the music and excitement of the Entertainment District floats by.

Everything on the menu is homemade daily, including their amazing seafood gumbo.

On the menu at Debris Po-Boys

A po’ boy is a sandwich that’s literally stuffed with just about anything you can imagine covered in a sauce or sauce, and Debris has perfected them! the Debris po’ boy is the establishment’s flagship sandwich: a simmered and melting shoulder of beef, a rib of beef, topped with provolone, lettuce and, of course, lots of sauce au jus.

A personal favorite is the fried soft-shell crab po’boy: crispy fried blue crab served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and pickles and a remoulade, cocktail or tartar sauce.

Pro Tip: There is no need to worry about a place to sit. Debris is known for its 50+ foot bar that lines the wall as you enter, which comfortably seats 30 people, and there are plenty of outdoor seating. That said, during Mardi Gras and Friday and Saturday nights, plan to arrive early. Rue Dauphin will be crowded with people.

Named after Mobile’s founder, the Bienville features slices of pineapple glazed with the sweet, tangy flavor of teriyaki sauce.

Photo credit: LoDa Beer Garden

2. LoDa Beer Garden

A unique restaurant for downtown Mobile opened on New Years Eve 2012 and quickly became one of Mobile’s favorite restaurants – LoDa Bier Garten.

LoDa is on the corner of Dauphin Street and South Joachim. What makes it unique to Mobile is that it is an authentic German pub. LoDa offers the largest beer selection in the Southeast with over 100 beers on tap and over 100 additional bottled beers.

Upon entering the Bier Garten, one is immediately struck by its fun, vibrant yet cozy and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant has dog-friendly outdoor seating and is well known for its delicious towering burgers. In fact, they are regularly voted the best burger in town by locals.

Surprise your friends with a little anecdote: LoDa means “Lower Dauphin”, as in Lower Dauphin Street.

On the menu at LoDa Bier Garten

Start with an entrée, an authentic German soft pretzel served with a unique beer cheese dip, or spice it up with a Jalapeno Jack pretzel with jalapeno jack cheese mixed right into the batter.

Then it’s on to the burgers. A favorite is the Saenger. Named after the famous theater next door, the Saenger is Bier Garten’s version of a Swiss mushroom and bacon burger, but with a huge twist – the mushroom on the burger is a entire Fried Portabella hat topped with a generous helping of herb aioli sauce served on a soft bun.

Pro Tip: Loda Bier Garten is located next to the historic Saenger Theater making it the perfect place to grab a bite to eat or a beer or a cocktail after a concert or play.

Original Oyster House in Mobile, Alabama.

The Original Oyster House invites you to taste incredible local seafood.

Photo credit: Joe Cuhaj

3. Original Oyster House

The causeway (US Highway 90/98) that runs the full width of Mobile Bay from town to the eastern shore of the bay is dotted with amazing seafood restaurants. One of the most popular is arguably the Original Oyster House, located just 8km east of town.

The Oyster House opened in 1983 in Gulf Shores. Its success led to the opening of this location on Mobile Bay in 1985, and they never looked back.

The restaurant serves the best of both worlds – an appetizer menu featuring the freshest and most delicious locally harvested seafood, plus a spectacle: a glorious golden sunset overlooking Mobile Bay.

Seafood Gumbo at the Original Oyster House in Mobile, Alabama.

A cup or bowl of seafood gumbo at the Original Oyster House is a must.

Photo credit: Original Oyster House

On the menu at the Original Oyster House

I’m a sucker for a good gumbo and a cup or bowl of this traditional Southern dish is always my go-to to start things off at Oyster House. The chefs use an old Mobile Bay recipe and fresh locally caught seafood, including fish, shrimp and crabmeat swimming in a bacon roux over rice.

As the Original Oyster House, it goes without saying that the menu has a range of amazing oyster dishes from Rockefeller Oysters to Garlic Parmesan Oysters, but for the main meal I choose Shrimper’s Delight, a plate full of crispy fries, boiled and stuffed prawns served with a lightly sweet crab cake and plaice fillet. As for the cocktail sauce, the servers will be happy to show you how to make your own with the ingredients provided at each table.

Pro tip: The Oyster House is always packed for dinner, no matter what day of the week, so get there early. Reservations are only accepted Monday through Thursday for groups of 10 or more.

View of the Bluegill restaurant in Mobile, Alabama.

A beautiful sunset over Mobile Bay from the Bluegill Restaurant.

Photo credit: Joe Cuhaj

4. Bluegill sunfish

The Bluegill is another fabulous seafood restaurant located on the Mobile Bay Causeway.

Located next to the original Oyster House, the Bluegill – which is described as a “great local dive” – ​​offers those famous sunsets over the bay from its covered outdoor terrace and an eclectic range of entertainment spanning genres ranging from southern rock to 1940s band and swing music since 1958. Oh, and the fresh seafood from the gulf and bay is amazing.

On the menu at Bluegill Restaurant

The Bluegill is famous for its Flamin’ Oysters, locally sourced fresh oysters cooked on a flaming grill then served to your table still sizzling. Oysters are topped with a special seasoned butter, a drizzle of cheese, then more butter and can be ordered by the half dozen or by the dozen.

A personal favorite is the Crabby Patty po’ boy, a toasted bun filled with Gulf crabmeat, lettuce, and a special remoulade sauce. Don’t forget the spicy voodoo sauce!

Pro tip: Parking can be a challenge at the Bluegill, but be patient. You will find a place.

5. A&M Peanut Shop

I’ve talked about culinary experiences in Mobile – now let me introduce you to some of the amazing shops that dot the streets of the city and offer something for the sweet tooth in all of us, or just a quick snack, in starting with the A&M Peanut Shop and followed by two more eclectic treats.

A Mobile tradition, the A&M Peanut Shop on Dauphin Street across from Bienville Square has been serving hot roasted peanuts and popcorn to Mobilians since 1947, but A&M has more than your standard roasted peanuts… although they are the best and are still roasted in the original roasters. The shop offers dozens of varieties of nuts like Brazil, Virginia, and Spicy Cajun, to name a few.

Pro tip: You’ll also find tons of delicious candy in A&M’s glass counters.

6. Three George Candy and Nuthouse

Speaking of sweets, Three Georges is another mobile tradition. Located in the former Harris Grocery building which was built in 1866 at the corner of Joachim and Dauphin streets, Three Georges has been making homemade candies and fine confections since 1917, including their famous Heavenly Hash, Southern Pralines and Holiday Peppermint Chocolate.

Oh, and don’t forget their selection of nuts which are available in a variety of boxes.

7. Mo’Bay Donut

Celebrate Mobile’s French history with the sweetness of a French beignet, a beignet, from Mo’Bay Beignet on Dauphin Street. Mo’Bay donuts are homemade daily. Crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, and topped with a healthy dose of powdered sugar, you’ll find you can’t stop eating just one.

Pro tip: Complement our Beignet with a Café au Lait Frappé, and your day starts off on the right foot.

More pro tips for mobile restaurants

For downtown dining, the Dauphin Street entertainment district can get busy at any time of the day. While there are metered parking spots along many streets, your best bet is to use one of the many parking lots and garages that dot the city.

And don’t forget that many downtown streets are blocked during Mardi Gras season (the two weeks before the start of Lent). Visit the online home for all things Mobile Mardi Gras for more details, the Mobile Mask.

Finally, keep in mind that this is just a brief list of the dozens of amazing dining experiences you can have while visiting Mobile. Visit the city’s website for a complete list.

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