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Date Posted: 10/15/2021

Leak Proof explains why the red caucho that covers so many flat roofs in Spain is not suitable for the Spanish heat and rain

Why Spanish roofing materials are wrongThis is a recently built solarium in San Miguel de Salinas. The area was covered in inexpensive caucho red paint, which is a typical short-term fix here in Spain. The problem with this material is that it cracks in hot weather, especially between tile joints because it is not flexible. But with the product Leak Proof, which is flexible, you can cover the tiled areas and it will never crack.

There were also a few areas covered with cheap roofing felt, which had also deteriorated from the heat. There were puddles on the roof after it rained as the levels were wrong in places which is a big deal as it causes the water to sit down and have more time to soak up the cracked areas . It then flows through the grout below, as grout is a very porous material, and then through the original membrane which is also susceptible to damage from cheap roofing felt and extreme temperatures.

A cheap membrane will crack easily in a short time in the Spanish climate. The best solution is therefore the Leak Proof polyurethane systems, giving you the best protection against the elements and a guaranteed waterproof surface.


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Leak Proof, for all your roofing needs on the Costa Cálida and Costa Blanca

Leak Proof, for all your roofing needsLeak Proof is a British father and son company based in the south of the Costa Blanca for more than a decade providing services for all roofing needs, not only in the province of Alicante but also on the Costa Cálida and the region of Murcia.

All kinds of properties and roofs are taken care of, whether they are old or new and whether the work is on a complete roof or only on a specific area. Flat roofs are typical causes of concern about leaks, for example on extensions and garages, and the specialist knowledge and techniques used by Leak Proof are equally applicable to fiberglass roofs, verandas, walkways and even at old classic “finca” style properties with tiled floors. problems.

Leak Proof, for all your roofing needs30 year warranties are provided with fiberglass roofing (also known as GRP roofing) and membrane roofing, a system used for both buildings and tanks. The purpose of the membrane roof is to drain water from the roof, and the membranes used are most often made of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, and modified bitumen.

Leak Proof ensures that any membranes they use are UV resistant and provide insulation against hot and cold weather conditions, making them ideal for flat roofs and floors in solariums, roof terraces and balconies.

In addition, they use a range of specialized waterproof paints for all interior and exterior work and offer tiling and grouting services.

Insurance work and community projects on residential developments and urbanizations are undertaken and full invoices are provided.

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