! Murcia today – The city of Murcia is already installing its Christmas lights

Publication date: 09/11/2022

The city and surrounding areas began installing their lights early, but for the second year in a row there will be no trees in the Plaza Circular

The luminaire installation company installs a total of 1,223 decorative elements, including arches, signs, cones, stars and other special patterns, and 2,908 meters of LED lights in garlands , distributed throughout the municipality. The total cost of the project is 2,116,467 euros.

When will the Christmas lights be on in the city of Murcia 2022?

The Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Infrastructure, Procurement and Development, Mario Gómez, will meet in the coming days with merchants and neighborhood associations to agree on the date for lighting and extinguishing these fires.

The objective is to reduce energy consumption by 15% and therefore public expenditure as well. Mario Gómez, however, said that “this issue will be discussed with neighbors and merchants to see if they consider it appropriate and a joint decision will be made”.

Another thing that the town hall wants to try this year in terms of energy saving is to rotate the designs and the lights in the city so that it looks different from previous years, but with the material resources already available.

The Plaza Circular in Murcia is again without a Christmas tree

While the lights come on nice and early, for the second year in a row, that doesn’t include the installation of the large Christmas tree in the Plaza Circular. This is due to a contract issue with the decoration company, as the installation of the tree is not included in this.

The streets of the capital that have their Christmas lights installed are: Comandante Mariano Tejera, Cronista Valcárcel, Batalla de las Flores, Paseo Marqués de los Vélez, Ronda de Levante, Plaza de San Antolín, calle Virgen de la Esperanza, Escultor Roque López , Junterones, Plaza de Santa Eulalia, calle Cánovas del Castillo, Correos, Floridablanca, Plano San Francisco, Teniente Flomesta, Puente Viejo, calle Canalejas, Princesa, calle Cartagena, Paseo Marqués de Corvera, calle Santa Teresa, calle Madre de Dios, Jara Carrillo, Gutiérrez Mellado, Jaime I, Avenida Constitución and the streets in the center of the capital, Jabonerías and Calle Sociedad.

With regard to the peripheral pedanías of the central municipality of Murcia, the Christmas lights have already been installed in: Algezares, Beniaján, Casillas, El Raal, Llano de Brujas, Puente Tocinos, Santa Cruz, Churra, El Puntal, La Ñora, Aljucer, Barqueros, Cañada Hermosa, Puebla de Soto, San Ginés, Sangonera la Seca, Sangonera la Verde, Algezares, Barrio del Progreso, Beniaján, Los Garres, San Pio X, Baños y Mendigo, Cañadas de San Pedro and Sucine.

Images: Ayuntamiento de Murcia

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