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Date Posted: 10/27/2021

Spain still ranks among the first countries to reduce its emissions

Despite the fact that Spain is one of the countries that has reduced its carbon emissions the most in recent years, a new report has shown that the country will have to step up its efforts and double the reduction in order to meet the Paris 2015 obligations. Agreement.

The latest data produced by the Net Zero Economy Index shows that just days before the start of the highly anticipated Climate Summit, Spain managed to reduce this figure by 7.9%. However, this decrease is still “insufficient” to achieve the objective of limiting the increase in the Earth’s temperature to 1.5 degrees.

According to Pablo Bascones, head of sustainability and climate change at the PwC consultancy that commissioned the study, the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact, shutting down much of the industry and travel restrictions significantly reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed. in Spain. In addition, there has been a noticeable increase in the focus on renewables and hydropower in recent months.

As Spain makes great strides against climate change, experts have claimed this wider global situation is “of more concern” given that during the health crisis of 2020, when the planet practically came to a standstill, the global economy has only reduced its carbon emissions. 2.5%; to comply with the Paris Agreement, this figure would have to rise to 12.9%.

And the outlook is not so positive, according to Bascones, who pointed out that to date only a small number of countries have managed to achieve double-digit decarbonization levels.

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