! Murcia Today – Real Madrid named second most influential brand in Spain



Publication date: 09/24/2021

The football club beat Mercadona and Banco Santander as one of Spain’s most important icons

Real Madrid Football Club is a brand that is synonymous with Spain around the world, and every year hundreds of thousands of fans flock to stadiums around the world to see the iconic team play. But a recent study by DataCentric shows the surprising fact that the Madrid side is actually the second most influential brand in the country, just behind clothing and housewares giant Zara. For 29.46% of respondents, the fashion brand is the most prestigious in Spain, followed closely by Real Madrid, at 26.02%.

According to DataCentric, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of their overall identity, with brands now competing not only for sales but also for recognition.

The supermarket chain Mercadona comes in third position (13.9%), followed by Banco Santander and FC Barcelona.

In other studies carried out by the company, Estrella Galicia stands out as the country‘s favorite beer, Nike is the number one sports brand while Ariel is the most used detergent in all the autonomous communities of Spain.

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