! Murcia Today – British Embassy clarifies rules for expat voting in local elections in Spain

Publication date: 06/14/2022

I am a British citizen living in Spain. Can I vote in the Spanish elections?

The British Embassy in Spain sent a message clarifying the regulations in force for expats wishing to vote in local elections in Spain.

“Many of you have been in contact to ask for your right to vote in local elections here in Spain,” the embassy statement said, “following a ruling by the ECJ last week and subsequent press articles”.

They continued: ‘This judgment, which concerned a British national residing in France, does not affect the right of British nationals to vote and stand in local elections in Spain.’

The right of British citizens to vote and stand as candidates in Spanish local elections is protected by the bilateral agreement between the UK and Spain, and indicates that this option is available to British nationals who have lived in Spain and have been registered residents for more than 3 years. years.

“British nationals can vote and stand for local elections in Spain once they have resided for 3 years,” the embassy says.

To do this, you must:

  • be registered in the communal register of your place of residence (municipal padron)
  • confirm your registration on the electoral lists (electoral qualification), within the deadlines set by the electoral authorities before each election

They warned, however, that the local town hall (Council) cannot allow people to register to vote at other times.

The municipal elections in the region of Andalusia are taking place in Spain this week on June 19 in an autonomous community believed to have at least 80,000 British residents, most of whom live in the province of Malaga.

Image: British Embassy in Madrid

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