‘Money Heist’ Star Najwa Nimri Teases Season 2 Role in Alex de la Iglesia’s ’30 Coins’

Appropriately given the enigmatic nature of the series, the slow leak of information about a second season of occult horror series “30 Coins” from Spanish genre legend Alex de la Iglesia has, for the most part, been cryptic at best. That tradition continued on Friday, after HBO Max confirmed the second season, when ‘Money Heist’ Najwa Nimri, one of Spain’s biggest film and TV stars, teased her participation in the season at to come.

Aside from the show’s three leads – Eduard Fernández as Father Vergara, Megan Montaner as vet-turned-demon-hunter Elena, and Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Mayor Paco – no other castings have yet been confirmed, but Nimri posted an Instagram Story that included part of the Season 2 teaser and the line, “We’re starting a new adventure,” while tweeting #30Monedas – the show’s Spanish title.

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In response, Pokeepsie Films, the De La Iglesia production company that produces the show, artfully posted a photo of a crucifix with the traditional Latin letters INRI replaced with Nimri and the popular Spanish phrase “Yo no digo nada…” or “I’m Saying Nothing.” De la Iglesia himself later retweeted the company’s post, also pledging a vow of silence.

In response to a fan asking for clarification, the Pokeepsie social media team again upheld the tradition of tongue-in-cheek humor by replying, “Ya lo hemos dicho claramente: ‘no digo Najwa…'” replacing the word ” nada” by the similar sounding “Najwa” or in English: “We have already clearly said: ‘We do not say Najwa.'”

Nimri’s casting is sure to be a boon for the genre-bending series, already popular around the world after its hellish first season. His impressive resume includes major roles in award-winning films such as Alejandro Amenábar’s ‘Open For Eyes’, later remade by Cameron Crowe as ‘Vanilla Sky’, and the classics ‘Sex and Lucía’ and ‘Lovers of the Arctic Circle” by Julio Medem. More recently, his mainstream credentials got a boost after playing roles in ‘Locked Up’ and ‘Money Heist’, two of Spain’s most successful overseas series to date. She also leads Manolo Caro’s upcoming Discovery Plus series “Sagrada Familia,” featuring “Locked Up” and “Money Heist” co-star Alba Flores and “30 Coins” owner Macarena Gómez.

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