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The White House responds to the controversy between Spotify and Joe Rogan

Q Of course. Last week, the Surgeon General was also asked on MSNBC about Joe Rogan’s comments on the vaccine on Spotify. And he said tech companies have an “important role to play” in stopping misinformation because he – they are the “predominant places” where misinformation is spreading.

Spotify issues advisory warnings on episodes related to COVID-19. Does the White House and the administration think this is a satisfactory step? Or do you – do you think companies like Spotify should go further than just, you know, put a label there to say, “Hey, go make your own – you know, watch this. You know, there’s more research you can look at — you know, scientific research regarding COVID”?

MRS. PSAKI: Of course. Well, last July, I – you probably know this, but the Surgeon General also took the unprecedented step of issuing an advisory on the risk of misinformation and public health, which is a very important step. And in the middle of that, he talked about the role of social media platforms.

So our hope is that all major tech platforms — and all major news sources, for that matter — are responsible and vigilant in ensuring that the American people have access to accurate information about something as important as COVID- 19. And that certainly includes Spotify [sic].

So this disclaimer – it’s a positive step. But we want every platform to continue to do more to expose misinformation — misinformation and misinformation while providing accurate information.

I mean, look at the facts, right? You are 16 times more likely to be hospitalized if you are not vaccinated and 68 times more likely to die than someone who receives a booster if you are not vaccinated. It is quite important. And we think that’s something that should definitely be the basis of how people communicate about it.

But, at the end of the day, you know, our view is that it’s a – it’s a – it’s a good step, it’s a positive step, but there’s more that can be done.

Jen PsakiAmerican press secretary

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