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“What I discovered is that people who have fireplaces love them, and then they might want something bigger,” Dillingham said. “With a growing budget, they might decide, ‘OK, I like the smoky, woody smell of gablewood, so let’s make a wood-burning fireplace or fireplace and incorporate the gablewood in there. “

There have been many changes – both aesthetic and practical – to shooting functionality in recent years, Dillingham said.

“Wood-burning fireplaces were once the most popular because it was really our only option,” Dillingham said. “Now we have so many options, like free-falling glass or lava rock, in a fireplace or fireplace. They help to keep fire and embers from coming out or catching anything on fire, and this relieves the problem of smoke inhalation and producing a lot of smoke. We see a lot of gas pipes connected to fireplaces or fireplaces to facilitate their ignition, so that we can create a fast and smoke free environment.

Technological advancements and modern styles are becoming the new standard when it comes to fire characteristics, said Scott Jackson, president of Rick’s House of Fire.

“Aesthetically, more and more people are making hyper modern and more stylish homes,” Jackson said. “I predict there will be more home automation – where you say, ‘Hey, Alexa, turn on my fireplace,’ and the fireplace would turn on by itself.”


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