Latest travel news: Spain and Portugal account for almost 30% of imported cases


APortugal and Spain, on the membership list, account for nearly 30% of all imported coronavirus cases, new data has revealed.

The number of people who tested positive after returning from the two Mediterranean vacation hotspots, between June 10 and June 30, was twice as high as arrivals from France.

Scientists say France is “unfairly targeted” with travel restrictions, after its only addition to the “amber plus” list last Friday.

1,800 cases were linked to travelers in June by the NHS Track and Trace service – 277 were linked to Portugal, 252 to Spain and 47 to France.

However, data shows that the proportion of people returning from trips abroad remains relatively low. 0.9% of arrivals from newly greenlisted Croatia tested positive upon their return to the UK, as did 0.8% of travelers from Portugal, 0.7% from Spain and 0.6 % of Greece, while only 0.3% of French arrivals contracted the virus.

Professor Richard Tedder, a virologist at Imperial College London, told MailOnline: “I don’t understand what criteria the government uses to put countries on the Orange List, or why France has been singled out when the prevalence of people infected is higher in other countries. “

“There is probably another problem that is not widely reported,” suggested Professor Gary McLean, an immunologist at London Metropolitan University.

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