Jewelery thieves arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Credit, Guardia Civil

Jewelery thieves caught on the Spanish Costa Blanca. The young thieves had managed to steal more than one hundred thousand euros of jewelry.

Guardia Civil agents arrested two Albanian nationals, aged 20 and 22. The suspects allegedly committed four thefts with use of force in Valencia and Murcia. The suspects had also tried to flee from the police.

The alleged perpetrators of these crimes have now been remanded in custody by the Torrevieja Magistrates’ Court, which is hearing the case.

December 8, Civil Guard agents from Torrevieja were carrying out an operation in a residential area to prevent crime. They spotted a car approaching them, but when the driver noticed the police, the car sped off. A chase ensued and the car was followed by several patrol vehicles. Officers managed to catch up with the suspects, but the two left the car and attempted to escape on foot before being caught.

The men were quickly caught and the car searched. It was discovered that the men were carrying 500 euros in cash and jewelry was also recovered.

An investigation was opened and officers discovered that the suspects had stolen jewelry from a house in Caravaca de la Cruz, in the region of Murcia. They had also made several flights to Valencia.

The thieves had staked out the houses they intended to break into and were awaiting the departure of the owners. The men then broke into homes and stole jewelry and money.

Agents of the Guardia Civil of Torrevieja were able to recover jewelry worth over 116,000 euros. The alleged perpetrators of the thefts were charged with four offenses of forcible theft and one of serious disobedience and resistance. They were also charged with an offense of having false documents.

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