Jet2 to restart flights and vacations to Green List countries from July 1


JET2 is restarting flights and vacations to greenlisted destinations this week, after being forced to cancel the majority of routes due to Covid restrictions.

The tour operator has confirmed that from July 1, Britons will be able to travel to the Balearic Islands, as well as Malta and Madeira after being taken off the orange list.


Jet2 restarts flights and vacations from July 1Credit: Alamy

They said in a statement: “Now that we know where we can go, we are preparing everything for the restart of our international flights and our vacation from July 1.”

While this is great news for Brits who want to go on vacation without having to quarantine in the UK, families will need to check the destination’s rules before traveling.

Malta recently imposed new restrictions on Britons, which require arrivals to be fully vaccinated to avoid having to self-quarantine.

This includes arrivals to the UK between the ages of 12 and 17, although they have yet to receive the jab – ending all family vacations on the island.

Portugal also introduced the new rules for a mandatory 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated Britons, although this does not include the island of Madeira.

Britons traveling to the Balearic Islands, which includes Ibiza and Mallorca, must also have proof of both jabs or a negative Covid test, Spain’s Prime Minister confirmed today, to avoid quarantine on arrival.

Malta is open to the British, but you must be fully vaccinated


Malta is open to the British, but you must be fully vaccinatedCredit: Alamy
The Balearic Islands are also applying new travel restrictions to Britons this week


The Balearic Islands are also applying new travel restrictions to Britons this weekCredit: Alamy

This should be applied within the next 72 hours.

It should be noted that the Balearics are also on the Green Watch List, which means they could be removed in the short term depending on the Covid situation.

Jet2 has confirmed that all public holidays to Orange List destinations – which includes the rest of Spain, Greece and Italy – are canceled until July 14.

However, following the addition of a green list, airlines have restarted flights in an attempt to restart travel before the summer vacation.

Ryanair has added 200,000 seats in the Balearics and Malta and TravelSupermarket says searches for Malta have increased by 837%.

Travel agency Thomas Cook has sold more Balearic vacations in the past 24 hours than the rest of June combined, with Mallorca being their best seller, she said.

It is hoped that the Canary Islands will be able to join the Balearic Islands on the green list by July 15.

The British with the two jabs will be able to return to the UK from orange destinations without having to quarantine themselves, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed.

He said: “We are continuing our efforts to safely reopen international travel this summer, and thanks to the success of our vaccination program we are now able to consider lifting the quarantine period for fully vaccinated UK arrivals. from the amber countries a real sign of progress. “

Greece also wants double-bitten Britons to be able to travel to the country without restrictions.

Ibiza, Mallorca, Malta and Caribbean added to green list as MAJOR holiday for Brits this summer

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