IHMA Spain and UK: bears find a new home

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The NFL today announced the list of teams and countries in which they have granted access to an International Home Marketing Zone, or IHMA. The Chicago Bears have kind of found themselves a new home in Spain and the UK. Essentially, this means the Bears can implement marketing plans and ad campaigns in these two countries. As of January 1, 2022, the Bears can create content in these markets developing the brand not only of the Chicago Bears, but of the NFL in general. They can focus on the participation of young people and the development of football in these enlarged countries.

The Bears will now be able to create specific Spanish social media accounts and even host events of the same caliber in Spain. Their UK audience is also quite large, having performed in London before. The Bears can experiment with their target audience to create a new generation of fans. Considering that the Bears are still in the international rotation, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them play a game in Spain. Of course Spain would also have to approve and they would need a stadium to make it work as a result.

The bears on their new IHMA status

George McCaskey is on the NFL International Committee. He made a brief statement regarding the status of IHMA.

The Bears and McCaskeys have an important role to play in the success of international marketing for the NFL. The intention is simply to develop the brand and the sport as a whole.

It looks like the Bears have a lot going on right now. From the potential move to Arlington Heights and the restructuring of their front office and coaches to their IHMA status; bears have a lot of moving parts in play right now. It’s good for the Bears and the NFL. The bigger the league, the better everyone involved gets.

Some countries, like Mexico and Germany, have many teams. However, the Bears were fortunate enough to share Spain with only one other team, the Miami Dolphins. It creates a great opportunity for them to expand their audience and really understand what it means to be a Chicago Bears fan.

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