Heathrow and Gatwick: all countries likely to move from Amber List to Green List in next travel update


Travelers hoping to take off from Heathrow and Gatwick are eagerly awaiting the next travel update, which is expected to take place this week.

The next traffic light overhaul is the last one scheduled for the summer, so Brits planning last-minute summer vacations will constantly update their browsers in anticipation of rule changes.

The changes to the rules, which will likely see countries move from the red, orange to green list, are expected to be confirmed by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

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Make sure you are up to date on the latest regulations

Greece and Spain are at high risk of being redlisted, recent reports show, while the Czech Republic, Canada, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina could be moved to the green list due to low rates infection.

As part of the latest update in early August, France was moved to the “orange list plus” which means British travelers should self-isolate on their return.

A number of countries – including Mexico – have been moved to the red list.

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Most of the announcements came from Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps on social media the day before the exam due date.

While most of the changes were announced in the House of Commons on Thursday, a social media announcement would mean the changes would be made public on Wednesday, August 25.

In any case, changes will likely be implemented from the following Monday (August 30), which includes the last week of school holidays.

Which countries could move from the orange list to the green list?

Paul Charles, director of travel advice at PC agency, said many countries “should be on the green list” but maintained there were “no guarantees”

Poland, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic could also be added to the green list, Charles said.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, he explained: “When you take the criteria of the seven countries added to the [green] list, so in fact they also apply to countries that weren’t added – like Poland, for example, or the Czech Republic or even Canada. “

Which countries could move from the orange list to the green list?

Currently, with its case rate being the second highest in Europe, Spain could see itself on the red list.

Covid cases in Greece have also increased and the country could be placed on the UK’s red list. Since May, when the restrictions were relaxed, they have stood at around 2,000 to 4,000 new cases per day.

Athens and Thessaloniki experienced the highest concentration of cases.

1,888 new coronavirus infections, 17 deaths from Covid-19 and 241 intubating patients on Sunday August 15 were recorded by the Greek national public health body, EODY in the latest update.

While around 50% of the country’s 11 million people have been double-stricken, the country has responded quickly to the increase in cases in the past.

In July, as cases increased in Mykonos, an island-wide curfew was put in place. National media reports also say brief closures were used in Zakynthos and two towns in Crete when cases increased this month.

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