Greek police arrest 14-year-old who admits to starting forest fires

Greek police arrest a 14-year-old who admits to starting forest fires. image: Greek media

Greek police have arrested a 14-year-old boy who admits to having started several forest fires in the province of Fitiotida.

A 14-year-old teenager arrested by Greek police this week admitted to intentionally starting several fires, the youngster told investigators he enjoyed “watching the flames and smoking”.

The confessed minor arsonist admitted up to nine wildfires in Theologians, located in the province of Fithiotida, since early August.

He was arrested last Wednesday and later accused of being the prime suspect in up to 13 fires in the Greek province, the arrest came after local firefighters were alerted to video footage of the teenager on social networks.

After admitting to having started 9 fires, the boy explained that he had started them with a lighter and used his bicycle to move from one point to another, according to local press in Lamia, the provincial capital. The police also arrested her parents and charged them with “child neglect”.

According to the local press, the minor suffers from mental disorders and must testify before the prosecutor in the coming days. Lamianow, the local news platform, is however absolutely adamant that their son did not start the fires and attributes his confession to his psychological instability.

Since the beginning of August, Greece has been rocked by an unprecedented series of fires, which destroyed 100,000 hectares of forests and crops, hundreds of houses, and left two dead and hundreds injured by serious burns.

Greek arson law

Is punished: up to ten years if by the act a danger to man, c) by imprisonment if in the case of elements a΄ or b΄ the act caused significant damage to public services or caused serious bodily harm to a person or the fire has spread to a large extent, d) to imprisonment for at least ten years if, in the case of point b, the act resulted in the death of others. If a large number of people are killed, the court can impose life imprisonment.

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