Georgia Independence Day celebrated around the world

Georgia’s Independence Day is celebrated around the world on Thursday, with cultural, educational and entertainment activities organized by the country’s diplomatic missions.

Traditionally, Brussels’ main visitor icon, the Manneken Pis, will be dressed in Georgian national chokha costumes today, while a Georgian flag-raising ceremony will be held in New York for the occasion.

The variety of events scheduled on occasion in different countries include:

  • In China, a bust of Georgian national poet Shota Rustaveli is set to be unveiled
  • In Romania, a Rustaveli monument is set to be unveiled in King Mihai I Park, in addition to a presentation of a History of Georgia book and a screening of Georgian films
  • In Czechia, a room named after Rustaveli will be opened at Masaryk University
  • In Belgium, a photo exhibition and an exhibition of contemporary Georgian artists will be organized
  • In the United Kingdom, the exhibition European Papers of Georgian History will be organized at the British Museum
  • In Lithuania, the Museum of the Occupation of Lithuania plans to organize an exhibition dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the tragedy of April 9, 1989 in Tbilisi and the day of the restoration of independence of Georgia
  • In Estonia, an exhibition on Georgia’s progress on the road to European integration will be organized
  • In Latvia, an exhibition entitled Georgia – An Integral Part of Europe will be held in the offices of the European Union Delegation
  • In Germany, exhibitions and film screenings will be organized for the occasion
  • In Slovenia, a My Home is My Fortress photo exhibition will be opened at Ljubljana City Hall, and a public lecture will be given by the Georgian Ambassador to students of the Diplomatic Academy and young diplomats
  • In Ireland, the Mansion House of Dublin City Hall will host a photo exhibition and a film screening
  • In Qatar, an exhibition of Georgian artists will be organized for the date
  • In Mexico, the Soumaya Museum will host an event dedicated to Georgia’s Independence Day and the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the countries
  • In Serbia, cultural and educational events will take place through an exhibition on Georgian national clothes and European heritage, accompanied by a tasting of Georgian wines
  • In Japan, an exhibition will feature illustrations of Rustaveli’s medieval epic The Knight in the Panther Skin, samples of the three types of Georgian alphabet and Georgian national clothing.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry announced that May 26 celebrations would also take place in Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Cyprus, Sweden, Greece, in the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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