Gatwick Airport: when the next travel advisory takes place and the red, orange and green lists potentially change


The UK travel green list is slowly growing, opening up more non-quarantine holiday options for Brits.

But while international travel is cautiously reopened, restrictions are still in place for many popular vacation destinations, with Spain, France and Italy still on the orange list.

The focus is therefore on the next exam, which will take place at the end of August, just at the end of the summer vacation.

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The last update was on August 4, with travel reviews scheduled every three weeks.

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The last two announcements broke with what was an established tradition of changes being unveiled on Thursday.

This means that the findings of the next review are expected to be released on Wednesday August 25 or Thursday August 26.

Which countries could be on the green list?

Georgia, Mexico, Reunion and Mayotte all moved from Amber <a class=List to Red List following latest review” content=””/>
Georgia, Mexico, Reunion and Mayotte all moved from Amber List to Red List following latest review

The latest update has seen the most movement to date on the three lists of the traffic light system, reports the i.

However, Paul Charles, director of travel advice at PC agency, suggested the changes had been too cautious.

He said on Twitter: “While there is welcome progress with the Gulf hubs [UAE, Qatar, Bahrain] turning orange, there are still many countries that should be on the green list; there is no guarantee that the government will not change countries in the short term; and no cap on testing costs. Travel remains in a government armlock.

Prior to the announcement, the PC Agency had identified 12 countries that could have gone green, based on a significantly lower number of cases than the UK and an immunization rate of over 50% of their population adult.

The five nations that were identified by the analysis but remained orange in the review were:

  • Poland

  • Canada

  • Bosnia herzegovina

  • Czech Republic

  • Lithuania

If case rates remain low in these destinations, they should have vaccinated enough people by the time of the next review to have a strong demand for inclusion on the green list.

There are other countries that could also switch from green to amber.

Some of them include popular destinations such as Barbados, Dominica, Croatia, Madeira, Israel, and Jerusalem.

If these moved, it would mean arrivals to the UK would face a possible quarantine.

However, those who are doubly vaccinated do not need to self-isolate under the new rules that came into effect on August 16.

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