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PHILADELPHIA – After a truncated 2020-21 season thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Temple’s fencing program is set to return to the Strip for an exciting 2021-22 campaign.

“I’m really excited”, coach of the saber team Tasia Ford noted. “The team is young, mostly freshmen and sophomores, so most people haven’t seen a full college fencing season. I can’t wait for them to bring their energy and stamina to the team. the track this year. “

The Owls are coming off one of the best seasons in recent history, qualifying the maximum of six fencers for the NCAA championships and a seventh place among 17 women’s teams. Of the six NCAA playoffs last year, five will return as a team made up mostly of subclasses. Temple has welcomed seven newcomers to the squad during the offseason, with two graduate transfers that will wear Cherry and White for their final season as college fencers.

“We are excited about the coming season”, head coach Dr Nikki Franke noted. “It will be interesting with 11 underclassmen, none of whom have had a full season. This is all still new for more than half of the squad, so we don’t know what to expect and neither do they, but it does. makes it exciting. The girls work very hard and they are very focused and support each other. They just need a little time to develop team chemistry and get used to college fencing. “

Veteran leadership

Cherry Ashley (sword) and Brooke stanicki (foil) come to Temple of Sacred Heart and Johns Hopkins, respectively, joining six veterans who have seen at least one full season of varsity fencing. Naomi ross will serve as team captain, while Cassie Navalta lead the foil team and Zoe Turner will lead the saber team.

Turner was a force on the strip in his second season, qualifying for the NCAA Championships and winning a 17th place finish. Ross and Navalta will both be competing for their third season in Cherry and White, with Ross transferring to Temple in second year and Navalta retiring last season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The management team has really grown stronger,” said Franke. “They have done a great job helping our new fencers understand what temple fencing is and what the culture and environment is like.”

Fresh faces

Eva ventura has seen international competition as a native of Madrid, Spain, competing on the World Cup circuit and is currently ranked first for juniors in Spain. Arwen gormley played on the national circuit, winning bronze at the 2020 Junior Olympics.

Product of New Jersey Cindy long recorded three top 10 finishes in the North American Cup Division 2, while Constança Dimas, from Lisbon, Portugal, was a four-time member of the domestic championship squad with her club. Anna novoseltseva, sister of the second Elizabeth novoseltseva, finished in the top 16 with his club team at the North American Cup in his junior year.

“The freshmen have good attitudes and it’s a pleasure to come and practice,” Franke said. “They are optimists with a lot of energy and they want to make the most of this experience.”

Saber squad

In addition to Turner, Emma Pincus will help guide four underclassmen. Pincus has a career record of 39-28 and finished last season with a regional ranking of 15. Diane tiburcio and Alexandra Weinberg got a taste of college fencing in the unusual 2020-21 season, while Ventura and Gormley will bring their rich National Circuit experience to North Broad.

“The saber team is unique in that we have two fencers in each class, from freshmen to juniors,” said Ford. “The juniors have done such a good job bringing the subclasses into Temple fencing. They all have a very distinct style and level of experience that they bring to the table so I can’t wait to see this. that they do.”

Sword squad

The most seasoned team on the team, the épée team is home to one graduate transfer and two of last season’s NCAA playoffs. Margherita Calderaro had one of the best performances of the 2020-21 campaign, qualifying for the NCAA Championships for the second year in a row and setting the program record for best individual épée (sixth) en route to winning the second Team All -American honors.

Sarah Park was the team’s other NCAA qualification, earning a 16th place finish. She was named Temple Epee MVP at the playoff awards banquet and was 25-12 in her second season. Sara proctor will look to improve on their strong freshman season, ending their first year in Cherry and White with a 5-5 record.

“The épée team have had the most collegial competition of any team and they all come from strong backgrounds,” said Ford. “They’ve worked really well together this offseason and will be a force to be reckoned with on the Strip this year.”

Foil squad

The foil team has two shooters who qualified for the NCAA Championships last year. Elizabeth novoseltseva finished in 13th place, one place behind an All-America Honorable Mention, while Anastasia Yankovskiy had to withdraw from the competition.

“The foil team is young,” said Franke. “We have a senior transfer and a graduate, but the rest are subclasses. They get used to what we ask them and the way we train because it’s different from what they trained. in their clubs. There is going to be a period adjustment, but they all have good attitudes and are already open to being coached. “

The team will also see leadership from Stanicki, who has achieved over 200 victories during his tenure as Blue Jay. Gretl merges will look to make some noise in her sophomore season, going 14-11 last year and being named the team’s most improved fencer at the playoff awards banquet.

Complete slate

“This is my first full season as a coach, but I know what the season has to be like because I was a student-athlete just a few years ago,” said Ford. “I’m excited to see how the girls are handling the competition and how they rely on each other. It will be tough but we love it and I can’t wait for everyone to shine.”

Temple will see eight collegiate competitions this year, up from four last season, with four fencing events in the United States also on the schedule. The team will attend two one-on-one collegiate meets before jumping into the double play and will only compete twice on North Broad. The playoff game is scheduled for March, with the Cherry and White looking to continue their strong playing tradition through the NCAA Championships in Notre Dame in late March.

“The team is looking forward to a full schedule,” Franke said. “The past year has been unique and truncated, but now they can develop and grow as the season progresses. No one should be peaking right now because we want to get better every day so that ‘By the time we get into most of the season, the girls are in their prime. They have the skills and the talent, it’s just a matter of being consistent throughout the year. “

The Owls will open the 2021-22 season this weekend at the 41st annual Temple Open at the Liacouras Center.


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