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Moving abroad often comes with a lot of expense. Therefore, any country or region that offers a financial benefit to expatriates is likely to be of great help. According to RAJA UK, there are a number of countries around the world that offer a cash reward, tax break, or other form of financial assistance to newcomers.

However, it is important to note that in all cases, people must be eligible to live in each of these countries in order to receive these benefits.

Which countries are on their list?

Dublin, Ireland

According to the study, Ireland offers a huge cash investment to expats who move there with the intention of starting their own businesses.

The Entrepreneur Program will help newcomers with the equivalent of £ 148,481 (approx. € 176,345) to start a new business.

However, to be eligible for the program, business owners must be able to meet certain criteria, including being able to demonstrate that the business is capable of generating around € 1 million (around £ 841,990) in sales in the first three years.

Meanwhile, new businesses must also be able to provide 10 new jobs.

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Expats with a start-up idea could be offered the equivalent of £ 23,000 in CLP funding to start a business through the Start-Up Chile program.

The program also includes incentives and an acceleration program.

The plan takes annual requests.

However, people will likely need to become citizens before starting a new business.

Albinen, Switzerland

This small village nestled in the Swiss Alps has only 243 inhabitants (as of December 2020).

In order to attract newcomers, the village is offering the equivalent of £ 19,635 per person to settle there.

Around 10,000 Swiss francs (just over £ 8,000) will also be paid per child, according to a newsletter released by the city in 2017.

However, there are a few criteria that new residents must meet.

The first is that they must be under 45 and agree to live in the city for up to ten years.

If they move before this period, residents must repay the city their investment.

The property that newcomers choose in the village must have a minimum value of 200,000 Swiss francs (approximately £ 160,028) and be their permanent home.

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Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, one of the providences in southern Canada, offers the equivalent of £ 11,537 in income tax returns to people studying at one of the selected and pre-approved universities.

The Graduate Retention Program (GRP) offers a tax refund on tuition fees paid by eligible graduates who live in the area and who file an income tax return for the province.

However, you must be eligible to study there in order to benefit from this scheme.

Antikythera, Greece

People who choose to settle on the small island of Antikythera could be offered a monthly allowance of up to three years.

The move was decided with the aim of boosting the population of the island – which at the time had only 20 inhabitants.

Those who choose to settle there will receive a stipend of around $ 500 per month (around £ 421), along with housing and land.

In 2019, four families were selected and sponsored to live on the island, although there is no update for 2021.

Candela, Italy

According to the RAJA, the village of Candela in Italy will pay new residents the equivalent of £ 1,707 in cash to live there.

The city first announced its decision in 2017, but has not made any major updates for 2021

Just an hour’s drive from Naples, Candela introduced the bonus in an effort to increase its population.

However, newcomers must meet certain criteria.

They must reside full time in Candela, rent a house and have a job with an annual salary of at least € 7,500 (£ 6,317).


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