EU to promote Yoruba culture

The cluster of European National Institutes for Culture in Nigeria has announced its project to raise awareness of Yoruba culture and its expansion across continents.

This was revealed in a statement made available to The punch on Sunday, adding that the event would be held on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at the Brazilian Embassy in Abuja.

EUNIC Nigeria noted that the project would be organized in collaboration with the Embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and the Honorary Consulate of Colombia in Abuja.

The statement reads: “Following a special call for proposals for grants supporting Europe-Latin America cultural relations projects, launched by EUNIC Global (European National Institutes for Culture) and extended to a limited number of EUNIC clusters across the world, including the cluster in Nigeria, we applied with a project to raise awareness of Yorubá culture and its expansion across continents.

“The EUNIC Nigeria cluster (Embassy of Spain, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Goethe Institut, British Council) set up this project with the embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and the honorary consulate of Colombia in Abuja .

“The project entitled “Yoruba culture: an intercontinental approach” has been selected and we have been working on it since June. The project consists of a series of online lectures of approximately 90 minutes each, to present different aspects of Yorubá culture and its influence in Europe and Latin America. Topics covered so far have been: Language and Literature, Cinema, Yorubás in the Diaspora, Traditional and Contemporary Yorubá Music, Divination, Orisas and Yorubá Deities.

“In the next few weeks we will have the latest lectures on arts, architecture and finally health and body – traditional Yorubá healing. To conclude this project, we are organizing a Yorubá cultural evening to present some of the Yorubá arts (films , dances, paintings, food).

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