Echino Design – Design, art and science from the perspective of vital tradition

Location: City of Sciences of Naples (Naples).
Processing: Carla Angela, Valentina Perricone, Gabriel Pontello, Roberta Angari.

Echino Design is an exhibition promoted by the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” and Città della Scienza, which has been proposed as a new opportunity to study, in an interdisciplinary way, the relationship between design, art and science from the perspective of biomimetics, a discipline that deals with Inspire principles, logic, formations and structures observed in nature to design innovative technologies and artifacts.

The exhibition includes design, artistic and scientific products that interpret, in the key of biomimetic, the biological characters of chocolate (sea urchins) observed from different angles and at different levels of morphological, generative, structural, physical and dynamic research. synthetics.

To implement the exhibition, a call for proposals has been launched in recent months, targeting designers, artists, engineers and scientists, to propose ideas and concepts for artefacts inspired by achenoids. Submissions were evaluated and selected by the curators and presented by an interdisciplinary scientific jury composed of internationally renowned representatives from design, engineering and science.
Many designers, artists and scholars from all over the world answered the call, notably in Brazil, India, Germany, Spain, Palestine and France. Some of the projects involved distinguished companies from Campania with the aim of technology transfer and the third task. Products on display include lamps, biomedical aids, multi-functional furniture products, jewelry, communication devices, new materials, accessories and scientific research results.

Integrating different perspectives and different interpretations about echinoids, a multidisciplinary and multi-sensory experience will be presented to the public, which will allow even the least experienced visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of echinoids and understand the amazing environment. The value and potential for inspiration for the development of new artifacts.

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