Drinking traditions from around the world

In many cultures, alcohol is an integral part of socializing. How people socialize says a lot about their culture, celebrations and traditions. While most people just cheer and toast, many countries have a bit more interesting and fun approach.

Let’s look at some drinking rituals from cultures around the world.

abduct the bride

In Germany, the consumption of alcohol before marriage is an old tradition. The groomsmen are tasked with surprising the bride-to-be with a mock abduction while leaving clues for the groom. They then take him to a bar to wait for the groom to buy a round of drinks and save his bride.

The toe cocktail

In Canada, for tourists visiting Dawson City, Yukon, the Sourtoe Cocktail is essentially a test of courage. If you finish the legendary Sourdough Cocktail, which contains a healthy helping of liquor, a shot of whiskey, usually Yukon Jack, and a human toe preserved in liquor, you can gain admission into a secret society at the Sourdough Saloon, known for its pizza. , swinging doors and amazing decor.

Drinking from the bride’s shoe

In Ukraine, brides must keep their feet on the ground, otherwise their shoes will be taken and used as traps. If a visitor to a Ukrainian wedding manages to steal the bride’s shoes, he will have earned the right to make unreasonable demands. And very often the wedding is made to sip wine from the bride’s stolen shoe.

Pimms and Jägerbomb

In England, if you mention Pimms’ name, you’ll cause a riot. Summer is when Pimms is usually offered. Likewise, the Jägerbomb, which consists of a Jägermeister shot combined with red bull, has become linked to the famous English nightlife.


The “koupa” drinking game is very popular in Greece. When someone is summoned, they must drink the contents of their glass and kiss the bottom for good luck. They then summon someone else and the game continues that way. Koupa is very popular at bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as other celebrations.

Excessive wine war

The Haro Wine Festival in Spain, which will take place on June 29 this year, is a wine war in its own right. The festivities begin the day before with a street party in which the whole town participates. The next morning, the revelers dress in the usual white shirts and red scarves and head to the highlands. Participants are then doused with alcohol using sprayers, buckets or whatever they can find.


This ritual “cry” is famous in Australia. When a group of friends get together, they have to “shout out” a round of drinks for everyone. It is also considered rude to refuse to participate, especially if others have already purchased drinks.

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