DGT launches motorcycle surveillance campaign in the province of Malaga

The DGT is launching a campaign to monitor motorcyclists in the province of Malaga. image: civil guard

The DGT is launching this weekend a campaign to monitor the roads frequented by motorcyclists in the province of Malaga

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), in collaboration with the Traffic Group of the Guardia Civil de Malaga, will launch a special surveillance operation this weekend, while the DGT launches a surveillance campaign against motorcycles on roads in the province most frequented by motorcyclists, in order to make users aware of the rules governing this mode of transport.

At the end of 2020, there were 173,684 motorcycles registered in the province of Malaga, which is equivalent to 14.03% of the total number of vehicles on the roads, which currently stands at 1,238,348 in our province.

The government sub-delegation reported this Friday, July 24 that the data on motorcycle accidents in the first half of the year in the province of Malaga, recorded a total of 63 accidents with victims: three deaths, thirteen hospitalized with injuries , and 66 injured not hospitalized – 52 drivers and 14 passengers.

The total number of accidents involving motorcycles on Spanish roads so far in 2021 has been 405, so in the period from January 1 to June 30, 2021, the province of Malaga accounts for 15.56% of the total accidents in Spain.

Data show that the average age of those who die in motorcycle crashes is 41, dropping to 34 in hospitalized injured cases, and the type of crash that has recorded the highest number of fatalities is a collision. moving vehicles, which also resulted in the highest number of hospitalized (eight) and non-hospitalized (36) injuries.

The other accidents are divided between runners having fallen, being in collision with a vehicle, with an obstacle on the road, going off the road, falling on the road and being run over.

From the concomitant factors associated with the 63 crashes, it can be inferred that in 19 cases inappropriate speed played a role in the crash, the most common factors being distracted driving, disregarding the right of way and driving. failure to respect a safety distance. , and most of these accidents occurred on conventional single tracks, a total of 36; then the highways, where 22 accidents were recorded, as reported laopiniondemalaga.es.


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