Critique “The Eternal Decline and Fall of Rome”: The Road to Ruin



It is a story of Rome whose first name is that of Donald Trump and the name of Ronald Reagan almost the last. President Trump earns his place with his inaugural address promising to “make America even better,” President Reagan with a speech in 1969 on the theme of “decline and fall” in which the greatest empire in history Western society has collapsed into bureaucracy, excessive welfare payments, taxes on the middle class and students with long makeup hair. Edward J. Watts, professor of history at the University of California at San Diego, is a later ancient world scholar who takes his readers from Republican Rome to Republican Washington with a resounding theme that anyone promises to restore lost greatness is probably no good.

Over the years of its history, he finds a series of cases where politicians first claim that society is “deteriorating” than it was in a great past, and then “suggest a path to recovery. restoration which consists of rebalancing society to solve the problems they identify. His modern aggressors in history come from Spain and the Philippines as well as the United States. When ‘radical innovation’ is disguised as ‘defending tradition‘ he sees a trail of victims – immigrants, dissidents and young people.


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