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The UK government is relaxing rules on overseas travel – but many countries continue to impose restrictions on UK travelers.

Search for your destination in the gray box below to see entry restrictions and quarantine requirements.

The color of the country name indicates whether it is on the current government list green, orange or red list to travel to England. This traffic light system ends on October 4.

Although the tool above shows the current restrictions, these may be subject to change over the next few weeks as the Netherlands is ready to accept fully vaccinated people from the UK, without quarantine, from the September 22.

However, there may be restrictions when returning to the UK.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps announced changes to the trip traffic light system for England, as well as changes in testing requirements. Click here to see them in full.

Similar rules apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but as decentralized nations make their own decisions, the rules could be different in the UK.

Search for your destination on the map below to see the current rules for returning to the UK. The government has announced that these rules will change in October.

The upcoming new rules are expected to stay in place until New Years Eve – however, travel rules may change in the short term. Please check the latest official government information for your destination before traveling.


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